Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fiesta Like There's No Manana

If you heard loud screams from west of the Rockies in April, it was me.

I was screaming about a llama.

Or possibly an alpaca, depending on who you talk to.

That's when I got to see the Fiesta Birthday stamp & die set, including the ADORABLE papel picado images in the bundle.

I didn't make a card with him for a while because his awesomeness overwhelmed me.

But finally, this week, after I felt somewhat organized and ran out of excuses, I sat down with him and my Tie Dye technique and oh my goodness I love him!!

On the first card, I used the adorable papel picado stamps in the set - stamping the solid image in Smoky Slate and the top images in black. The llama was tie-dyed with three of his friends on Strathmore Ready-Cut Watercolor paper (cut down to a random measurement I didn't record - but you can see it in my video.).

This card makes me laugh.

This one makes me laugh even harder. There are few things I love more than the cowbell skit from SNL. So when I found a new stamp company called The Project Bin, which makes sentiment stamp sets, and when I saw the cowbell sentiment in the Bazinga set, well... this happened.

This third card also makes me laugh, because the llama looks drunk. He's all "THANK YOU SHOOOO MUSSSHHH FOR THE TEQUILLLAAAAA!" The sentiment is from Thankful Thoughts. PS - I have  a new online class for three clean & simple designs with this set - perfect for making ten quick thank you cards to have on hand if you need them. Check out my online card class here - I'll be pulling down the classes for retired sets soon.

Tie Dyed Llamas by Understand Blue

And finally, I allowed him to regain his dignity with the last card of the set, wherein he realizes that it's okay if he's a little different - because being different is what makes him awesome. Being different is what makes ALL of us awesome, because none of us are anything like each other at all, after all. :)

Tie Dyed Llamas by Understand BluePin It
This sentiment is from the Wise Men set - and I actually did some stamp surgery and cut off the teeny Abraham Lincoln under the quote - sorry Abe!

I did a little video for you on these kooky cards, which you can see below.

All of these are for the rainbow challenge, which I was tagged in by Jacqueline Stephens - and her card is ridiculously awesome - check it out here. Jacqueline is a very talented stamper and a sweet, sweet lady, so it's super awesome to be included in her challenge!

And just to underscore the point made by my llamas - you should fiesta like there's no manana, by the way. Manana is not promised.



  1. I love the FIESTA! :) Cute, fun llama!

  2. Great cards and your Llama are awesome!

  3. I love all of these, Lydia, but the first is my favorite. I love how the banners are muted, but the llama pops with festive color. So fun! More cowbell is always a good option.

  4. LOVE THEM!!!!!! It's a Llama! ;)

  5. Love the llamas, we used to have some, they are such a fun animal, live that you tye died him .

  6. I love pineapple, and I love you card. A simple but so pleasing design and message. TFS

  7. Don't you just love the expression on your llama's face? Smiling!

  8. What awesome cards! I love the cowbell sentiment!

  9. Oh my gosh, your cards are so totally me! You made those Lamas so colorful and that is so something I would do! I am so totally colorful and I could never be Goth because I don't like all black. It's way to boring. I'm not a big fan of Lama's. I pet one once and my hand smelled! They are stinky animals but if they really looked like that maybe I wouldn't have minded so much. Love, love, love your cards! Great job!

  10. Cute cards!! Love the sentiments!

  11. I love your funny and colorful cards!I especially love "More Cowbell!"


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