Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Survivor

It's HERE.

The new Stampin' Up! catalog is now officially open for business, and it's full of many new wonders I love.

You should have gotten yours from me if you placed orders with me this year, but if you still need one, just let me know.

But today, in sort of an unofficial tradition, I am paying homage to THE SURVIVOR.

The oldest, most enduring stamp set Stampin' Up! has ever had - a set that goes on and on like a Celine Dion song in an overdramatization of the Titanic.

That's right - Lovely as a Tree.

This set is the one that makes everyone hold their breath when the retiring list comes out. Should it ever retire, I feel like people will actually die. Hundreds of people. Just keeling over from shock and grief, like girls used to do when the Beatles came to town.

The reason it's still kicking is, quite simply, that it's beautiful. That's it. Nothing more complicated than that. You can do a million different things with it. I'm using it at my retreat next month with a fun medium that seems like it was made for this stamp set.

And today - I did a tutorial with it at Splitcoaststampers on mirror image stamping.

Because the treeline is asymmetrical, it's perfect for a mirror image project, and ends up looking very realistic.

To do this technique you'll need the following:

Put all that together and you get this pretty scene!

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Fun right? I love water reflections. This tutorial was inspired by my original project with mirroring, here.(That link includes the video too.)

So long live the classics!

I'm probably napping while you read this, because I will have gotten up at 4 AM to place my order, some of which will be headed to my July retreat.

If you're missing July - good news - I have the venue booked for October. It will be the 28th-30th of October, so mark your calendars now - the seats go fast. Registration will open in a few weeks.

My bloggy break was due to a nice long vacation in Santa Fe, my retired stamp sale and retreat prep - but I'm back at my craft desk with new catalog goodies, so watch for new online classes and fun tutorials soon.



  1. Lydia, tell me more about the "rubber" that you used for the reflection technique. Is it like a foamy rubber pad you use with die-cuts to emboss or something else? I love the way the bicycle came out and the way the MISTI helps do this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous card!

  3. I resisted this set for years because I had several stamps like it. Then when they came out with the cling mount, finally broke down and for it. Love this set. Your card is gorgeous!

  4. Nice burn on Celine Dion! I read that and nearly peed my pants!
    I have that stamp, also wood, if I remember right, that was the only way they sold it at the time?
    I am breaking it out tonight and trying your technique.
    Thanks for the idea and the laugh!!

  5. I forgot to mention that my very first purchase from Stampin' Up! was the Lovely as a Tree clear mount set and the Stamp-a-ma-jig. I have already bought a few things from the new catty but, I love that set! I've used it for everything from regular trees in the distance to mirror images like yours and the top of the oak tree as a plant in various vessels and situations. I am glad they didn't retire it.


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