Monday, May 18, 2015

Being a Bird is Hard

I love birds.

I know some people are afraid of birds - and that's okay. I'm afraid of monkeys. I get it.

But being a bird is hard. Harder maybe than being a mammal.

Yesterday, I was working and I heard a terrible bird commotion out front. Usually when I hear a group of birds freaking out it's because there's a big snake in the yard, and my curiosity gets the better of me, and I have to go look. Bluejays ALWAYS tell me about snakes. Mockingbirds are worthless, but I could go on for months about that, so I'd best leave it for another time.

These weren't jays. These were the tiny sparrow-like birds that inhabit our bushes out front. They are so cute. I've never heard them "commote" before. But oh dear they were commoting.

So I went up front and opened the front door.

I stood on the porch for a second, looking at all of them squawking in the trees and the bushes by the doors. I looked for a threat (snake) and I didn't find one. It was raining, so I would have been surprised to see a rattlesnake - I've never seen one in the rain.

Then I looked up - and I remembered - we have a bird nest in our recessed porch light fixture.

We haven't messed with it for a year because - well, all creatures great and small and whatnot.

So then I looked down.

Right next to my foot was a sweet baby bird.

He was so cute - sort of fluffy and spastic. He sensed that I was looking at him, I guess and he flopped around a bit. I tried to stay still and think of what to do. The birds all around us were screaming. Then - he struggled around a little - and then flew a short few feet (awkwardly) to the bush by the door.

Later that day I went out and saw him struggling again to fly - this time from up on the downspout of our rain gutter. He was okay and eventually flew a longer distance.

But man - being a bird is hard. You're born. You're blind. You don't have any feathers. You depend on your parents to stuff worms down your gullet. Then, at some point, you fall out of the danged light fixture - the equivalent of a person falling 50 stories or so - onto the ground and then you're all - well what the heck? Now I have to learn to fly because some giant monster is staring at me???

You have to respect the bird life.


I made some thank you cards today for you sweet people who have been placing orders in my store. Thank you SO much! My fingers are crossed hard, and every little bit helps. You guys are awesome.

I got out a fun new alphabet set called Layered Letters. And, as I confess in the video - I love to buy alphabet sets, but I don't use them often enough. I think this one will be an exception, because I love the shadow stamps that match. With the MISTI it was easy to make a big set of these cards really fast.

I sped up the video so you could see the process for the whole set - these are very easy and fun - I think I will make more tonight during Dr. Who.

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So here's the video if you want to take a peek.

Since I'm finalizing prep for my June Wimberley retreat, I'll probably be closing registration soon. If you're thinking of coming, carpe diem! Also, any member of my team is welcome at the Friday team event, you just need to join before I close registration. (Registration for the Salt Lake retreat is still open.)

And next time you see a bird that has made it to adulthood - salute. Respect the bird life.



  1. Love the bold sentiment with the shadows behind it.

  2. Goodmorning Lydia. I just recently found you! Hubby and I began the morning by reading your "Being A Bird Is Hard" story. WOW. So fun - we loved it. You are soooo right. And then I had hubby cracking up with your "Ice On Bridge" story... we also live in Tx! Thank you so much for a delightful way to start our day off smiling!!! AND.... THANKS BUNCHES for your fabulous tutorials... soooo great. Just ordered my Misti last week - can't wait to touch it!! Your cards are SUPER. Have a great rest of the week. j.

  3. I tried to order this set but keep getting this msg : We’re sorry, the quantity entered will surpass the limit for your current level of Stampin’ Rewards. Edit the quantity and click ‘Claim Rewards’.........have no idea what that means. I'd love to help you get more sales for your trip - can you order it for me???????

    1. Oh thank you Elaine - you're so sweet - yes I can order it for you - just use the email me button at the top right of my blog!

    2. Not having luck emailing your. Would you email me at mtn (dot) moven (dot) faith @ comcast (dot)net

  4. Dang, Lydia - now I need this stamp set. I was trying so hard to resist! :D

  5. What you said: something about birds and stamping..


    1. HAHA! Did I forget to mention that the state of Texas is constantly trying to kill you? I might have left that out :)

  6. LOVE! Such a fun, cute card, too! :)

  7. Ooops, I think my comment got eaten. Sorry if this is a duplicate! Just wanted to know if you could direct me somewhere for that workaround for the FB page preview mess?? Muchas Thanx! :-D

    1. Hey there - yes! Go here - you can re-scrape the info and then go to the share dialogue from there:


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