Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Don't Be a Prepper (Except for the Zombie Apocalypse)

It's still raining y'all.

My tutorials may soon devolve into Doestoevsky-tinted poetry readings, with verses about despair, and prison metaphors. You'll hear raindrops in the background, and perhaps Air Supply songs.

Or Lionel Richie. Yes, I think Lionel Richie.

Maybe that inspired the design for today's card - moving out of grey. You never know what gets into your brain when you sit down to make something.

Speaking of sitting down to make something, I mention this in the video, but I thought I'd explain how I prepare for my videos.

You ready?

I don't.

In general I'm not a fan of preparation. Except for the zombie apocalypse - I do think you should prepare for that. But other than that, I find preparation to be a bit of a burden.

So when I make a video, you are seeing my entire process - the design process, the decisions I make, the mistakes, etc. The only thing I decide in advance is what stamp set I'm going to use, because that is where I start all my designs - with an image. I'm incapable of starting with color or layout - my brain just doesn't work that way.

So today's design will play out live for you in my video, with two fun new sneak peek sets - Bohemian Borders, and You've Got This. I would say I'll try not to use You've Got This on every card for the next six months, but I don't want to tell a lie. I LOVE the font & the message. I most definitely have a recipient in mind for this card!

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Here's the video - be sure you're watching in HD. :) 

Here is the printable grid paper I reference in the video - great site! This is another site where you can specify the units of measure. The grid on the MISTI is in 1/4" increments. If you prefer the quilting templates I use, they are here.



  1. Soooo.... who's got this? I love your videos because they have just enough quirk. I really should quit procraftinating my videos. And place my order. Because, well, I should. Stay dry, and dammit - quit sending me your rain!

  2. Thanks so much Lynda for the link. In australia we only have metric no graph paper in inches so this fixes that problem. Love the new stamp sets, great card.

    1. Oh I hadn't thought of that - so glad it's helpful! Thank you!

  3. I'm currently waiting for delivery of my Misti to the UK and finding your hints and tips so useful as I prepare for this potentially life changing tool. Sounds dramatic, but if you saw the quantity of wasted card stock in my bin, you'll understand. The link for graph paper in imperial measurements is so useful. Many thanks.

  4. Love your tutorials Lydia. As silly as it seems I would have been trying to move the stamp not the paper!!! But... my Misti hasn't arrived yet - on the way though - so I have a lot to learn. LOVELY card! j.

  5. What a great card! Love the bright colors. And, yes, you should prep for the zombie apocalypse

  6. While you were stamping, the design made me think of a teepee! Of course, then you had to go and turn the cardstock.


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