Sunday, May 3, 2015

No Toilet Brushes At The Table, Please.

I went to one of my favorite restaurants recently - Fleming's.

I love this place.

They are the only people in Austin who can cook a steak perfectly, every time, for 15 years in a row so far.

And their service is amazing.

But last time I went, I was horrified by something.

The waiter (one we've had many times and adore) handed me an IPad containing their wine list.

He may as well have handed me a toilet brush.

I was soooooo completely grossed out.

Now, mind you - I am grossed out by restaurant menus in general. They are disgusting. Especially the plastic coated, 45 page 3 foot tall by 2 foot wide monstrosities that to me just look like petri dishes.

I don't want to touch ANYTHING before I eat that 200 other people have touched that day.

But I especially don't want to touch a TOUCHSCREEN, 100% non-porous surface that has been collecting bacteria and viruses and storing them for God knows how long. It's so revolting to me.

I had to go wash my hands after I looked at that thing.

I KNOW they are trying to be hip and provide a service, but here's my solution.


Dear Restaurant Industry:

If you want to be hip and high tech and win the hearts and minds and enduring health and mental well-being of your customers, GET A MENU APP! You would form an instant marketing relationship with your customers as the app is on their phone now and you probably gather a certain amount of information from that. People like me would LOVE to touch only their own phone to peruse the daily offerings, and you'd save 35 squillion dollars by not having to print, wipe down (which, let's face it, just moves the germs around), and change physical menus and you wouldn't have to buy anymore petri dishes Ipads.

You're welcome. I'll be your biggest fan.

Love, me.


I was doing some prep for my retreat the other day and decided to stop and have some fun with watercolor, a stencil and some molding paste.

Pin It

This was VERY fun to create, and doesn't take very many supplies and no special skills. I did the background with Brusho, used Golden Molding Paste with a palette knife and the Hearts & Stars Decorative Mask, and then finished it off with Iridescent Ice embossing powder and the Hello You Thinlits. If you don't have a palette knife - use an old credit card or gift card.

I was just playing.

I did a little video for you so you can see how easy it is.

Fun, right?

Speaking of retreat - if you are attending and haven't joined our private Facebook group for it - please do!

And please help me lobby the restaurant industry for germ-free menus!



  1. Gross! (said in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice)

  2. Wow! Gorgeous! Love the texture and sparkle! As always, I enjoyed your video!

  3. I love the colors and sparkle. I so agree with you. Just so you know lemon oil is great for a hand santizer. I am going to carry a small bottle with me every where.

  4. Beautiful card & I love the use of the ice cube tray for your paints.

  5. Love what you did. And what you said. I hate those huge menus. It's like ordering from a billboard.

  6. Lady you are one fierce talent. I love your sassy little booty so much!!

  7. Oh, I am SO with you on the oetri dish thing!!! A while ago I noticed(aghast lol) that Chili's and a local Tex mex rest. Here in North TX had decided to be "trendy" and placed these touchscreen little ordering machines on each table...JUST to order extras, apptzers, drinks, desserts...yuck!!! No way! I even felt that my dinig space had been intruded upon by unwanted technology while i was dining...
    I just thought some really busy saleseman had made the resteraunt rounds with his new tech gimmick. Again...YUCK!


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