Friday, May 22, 2015

A Moment Of Silence

Let's have a moment of silence.

For this card:
Doesn't that card make you sad?

If not, it should.

It's the You've Got This set from the upcoming catalog, colored lovingly with my new Zig Clean Color water-based markers, that I got enabled into by Jennifer McGuire.

There was a detailed video explaining how they worked, showing you how they blend - similar to the way alcohol markers blend, there was witty commentary - we laughed, we cried...

And then the file was corrupted.

What the heck??

Sadness. So all I have is a photo of the card. Please try to imagine learning all about marker blending on watercolor paper.

To recover from my despair - I tried a different technique with them - layering. They remind me of Inktense pencils, actually. If you work with them marker on marker while they are still wet, they blend just like alcohol markers. But you can let them dry a bit and then do a little layering, which is very fun for a water-based medium.

You'll see what I mean in the video below.

I'm hosting today's Mix-Ability challenge, and my challenge is Quads - use FOUR mediums on your project. So I used the Zig Clean Color Markers, white gel pen, gold embossing powder and Golden High Flow Acrylic fluorescent pink paint for a fun, abstract splash of color.

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That awesome greeting is from an upcoming hostess set called Best Thoughts.

When I re-shoot the coloring video I'll be using the flower from that set. But I don't have the heart to do that tonight. #sadpanda

So please enjoy the video of the Mix card and trust me that the missing video was awesome.

And come play in the Mix challenge!

And give me a moment of silence for my video that crossed over.



  1. I think you should make another video of the blue flower and send me the card. ;)

  2. So sad...we need a time machine to go back in time to make a back up or make sure your file doesn't get corrupt in the first place. Love how your flower looks. So vibrant.

  3. Beautiful job of painting the flower...sorry about the video. By the way, are you a fireborn sign? I am a Leo. However, I try to scale back some of my Leo tendencies. Really looking forward to meeting you and all the girls at the retreat.

  4. Oh dear.... I'm sooooo sorry about the corrupt file. Your blue flower is just GORGEOUS Lydia. Near perfect! But THANKS BUNCHES for persevering and making us another video. j.

  5. Beautiful cards. I love the water coloring on the blue flower. Thanks for sharing the video. Sorry the other one was corrupted.

  6. The card makes me incredibly happy. The loss of the video - now THAT is sad. If you need a place to send this gorgeous card to take it out of your sight, I will sacrifice myself for you and take it off your hands. I didn't even need this set (with all the flower sets I already own), but you are up to your usual standards of enabling.


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