Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Perfection is For Serial Killers

You know that's like my tag line, right?

We were talking about the definition of art the other day at lunch. A few of my family members kept saying that they knew what art was, and what art wasn't, but they couldn't give me a definition of it.

I can tell you this - there's no room for perfection in art. Perfection is for serial killers. The rest of us can't get there and shouldn't try. If you start feeling like you can create perfection, you need to strap yourself into that Hannibal Lecter jacket immediately and dial 911 with your nose - it's for the good of society.

I had the chance to take a few classes with Dina Wakley last weekend in Dallas. She's my spirit animal on this topic. She would give us instructions for something we were going to do and phrase them like this: "How much paint should you use? Yes."

That's my kind of girl. If you get the opportunity to take a class with her - DO IT.

This undeniable truth about perfection liberates me from things like measuring.

I really don't like measuring things. I would not make a good woodworker or seamstress. This is also why I don't typically make 3D projects. I'd rather play around in a big puddle of messy paint any day.

Which brings me to today's project.

There is the CUTEST tutorial on Splitcoast today. Christine Okken is an amazing designer, and made the most adorable card with a little 3D pop-up die from The Cat's Pajamas.

Where we can, when we have a tutorial that uses a special tool, we try to recreate the project without that tool so that the most people possible can make the project that day with what they have. So I took on the triple step pop-up armed with just my trusty Martha Stewart Craft Knife (the best one in the world, IMHO.)

And - I did it without really measuring - just sort of winging the two smaller pop-ups. (There are detailed measurements in the tutorial for you OCD types who are breathing into a paper bag right now.) Worked like a charm. I will say - I think that die would be really nice to have, and if you do like silly things like straight lines, it would be well worth the investment. :)

I used the Guy Greetings set because I thought that little strong man would be hilarious sitting up on what looks like a stage to me.

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The single step pop-up called for a Cheerful Critter. How cute is that little bunny popping up when you open the card?

And I did a very quick video of myself winging it without looking at numbers :)

These are super fun and easy, and yes, in case you were wondering - that Guy Greetings card base IS Ballet Blue. Yes, I have more. No, I'll never give it up. That was as close to perfection as an ink and cardstock color can get. Without being scary.

So go forth and wing it, people!!



  1. I really like that you use old-school, no fancy stuff to make the card. I also have no patience for all the cutting, but I admire your thought process of "straight is for sissies" (my words). I do have a reputation to uphold, after all.

    And yes, Ballet Blue was da bomb. But I think Pacific Point was a close second.

  2. Oh my goodness two totally cute cards Lydia. I have to go check out this tutorial. Do you know I use a saying you said once on facebook I think, "there's no mistakes in stamping", all the time. Has kept me from throwing out countless cards. Mwah.

  3. I can't believe you went to all the trouble to use a ruler & craft knife. I just snip the fold with my scissors - NO measuring.


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