Thursday, April 2, 2015


I thought I would just do a quick video today of a watercolor project for Autism Awareness Day. My good friends Christine, Katherine and Michelle all have children with autism, and I love how people have rallied around the Light It Up Blue campaign today, so I thought I'd add to that in some small way.

I used my Brusho powdered watercolors, some Stampin' Up! watercolor paper (cold press), and a beautiful retired stamp set - Stipple Rose - I bought from my friend Holly last week - I've looked for this stamp forever and I love it. Thank you Holly!

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I left a sentiment off, because autism speaks :).

Here's the video if you have a few minutes. Pardon the ballcap - it's 80 degrees and sunny and I needed a stomp before arting.

Click here for more information on the cloths I referenced in the video. 



  1. Wow this is gorgeous! Fantastic job!!! ♥

  2. First of all, I can't believe I haven't been following your blog - so glad I found it! Secondly, you have NO IDEA how much I loved hearing your voice and watching you create! I miss you so much! Gorgeous card, Lydia! Sending hugs! ♥

  3. Oh; I just love your blue rose and your video. Such talent and a treat to watch you. About that stamp - now I want it too! :-)

  4. Very pretty. Love the blue roses. Great job!

  5. I totally knew that was an ash tray! Man, they don't make them like that any more, do they.

    And as usual, I'm jealous of your water coloring skillz. Just sayin'.

  6. This card is sooo pretty. I love the bright colors.

  7. I found myself just fascinated watching you pick up that pigment powder with the drinking straw!! Gret tip and beautiful watercolored card.

  8. AHmazing Lydia. I just love the yellow and blue. Gorgeous.

  9. Love the striking colors in your card and watching you create. That ashtray you used as a brush holder is so wonderfully retro!


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