Friday, April 17, 2015


One of my blog readers - Kym -  sent me SUCH a fun article this morning.

It turns out that I have single-handedly begun turning the world blue.

Well - maybe not exactly me, but still. I'd like to think I had SOMETHING to do with it.

As it turns out the use of the color blue in the art world is on the uptick. Take THAT Picasso!!

Here's a chart of the trend:

See? BOOYA. There's hope for humanity after all.

Read the full article here on Smithsonian.

Tell me that's not the most awesome thing ever. Made my Thursday.

Speaking of awesome things...

Sometimes, some project or another just hits your creative bone just right.

This week, it's the Mix-Ability challenge.

Now what's funny about this challenge, is that Dina was actually inspired by a photo I took at the Renegade Craft Fair a few years ago, of these beautiful notecards by Gina Su on Etsy. (A fellow Austinite, I might add - no wonder she's awesome.)

Here's the photo that stuck with Dina:

Aren't those sweet?

So her challenge is to stamp an image, but leave part of it uninked, and where you've left it uninked, to free range doodle. You can use Gina's flowers and grasses as inspiration, you can zentangle your design - whatever you'd like! Just remember to use at least two different mediums on your card.

I had to drop everything when she pre-staged the post yesterday - this one really spoke to me and I knew JUST the stamp to use - Perfect Peacock. I also wanted to play with my FineTec watercolor, which you will see in the video - love 'em.

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Isn't that fun? I love it! Just a different and whimsical way to use a stamp as a jumping off point. You know I love doing that.

Here's a quick video with my process - there's a supply list below the video.

Wasn't that fun?

Here's what I used:

I used the MISTI to line that sentiment smack up against the edge to leave room for the peacock, which I cut out after doodling and watercoloring.

Oh - and good news - I have a venue for my convention retreat! The room is a wee bit smaller this year, so you'll want to register early if you're coming to Salt Lake!

So please go forth and create some blue art and let's get that chart where it needs to be!



  1. Love the sentiment: Those who give cannot help but receive. xo

  2. RAD!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this idea! Have a fabulous weekend Lydia!

  3. Everything about this card is stunningly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!

  4. Wow! Love this one. But then, I love all your creations! Looks like you had a lot of fun making this one. I so enjoy your posts.

  5. Whoa!! I always love reading your blog and seeing your creations but this peacock card design is just wonderful! Whimsical, colorful and fabulous!!

  6. I love Dina's challenge idea and just love how you made his tail of flowers Lydia.

  7. Hi Lydia. I wanted to share the the link to the metaliics is for a refill kit of quantity 12. I didn't pay attention when I ordered it, but I got 12 of the same color. I'll just give some away and keep just the gold - since I already opened the pack and dropped one of the trays :O :) -- but I did want you to know. Cool technique. I am going to play with this gold on black for an SCS twinchie challenge. Can't wait to play!

  8. So colorful and lovely, Lydia!


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