Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How To Save A Life

I bring you a very serious post today.

You have the opportunity to save a life - actually, maybe save MANY lives.

You'd want to do that if you could, right?

I thought so. You're good people like that.

So here's what you need to do.

In order to save countless lives of the citizens of the capital of Texas - my homeland, you must answer this question:



I went to Massage Envy this week. I love that place - I have a very computer intensive job and I develop knots in my back like nobody's business. This place is a great affordable way to go get the kinks out.

However, when you are sitting in the silent waiting room, listening to zen music or white noise, having a nice herbal tea, and you hear CLICKETY CLICK CLICK BEEPITY CLICK you have thoughts about your fellow humans which are not entirely peaceful.

So if you want to save some lives - you need to leave a comment on this post with some outlandish lies about why people HAVE to have their click sounds on. The crazier the lie, the better. I look forward to reading your efforts to further world peace.

While you're making up your stories, enjoy this fun card and video. It's another shadow technique with the MISTI - in combination with a technique I learned from Donna Griffith at convention for using the back side of a photopolymer stamp as a stamping surface.

I think this came out sweet and sort of wistful. I hope you like it.

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Here's the video of this process - I hope you enjoy it - it's simpler than you think!

Here are the things I used:

So lay your crazy stories on me people - lives hang in the balance.




  1. great tutorial. thanks for the inspiration.
    Peeps have to have their click sounds on because on one has the piece of mind to be quiet for even the time it takes to push a key!
    silence for world peace!- Tee shirt? rubber stamp?

  2. The clicky sounds are absolutely necessary for proper heart function. They serve as a pacemaker for those persons who might otherwise end up with a heart attack if they did not know that they were in immediate touch with those people that offer them servile admiration and instant gratification. I'm shocked that you didn't know this!

  3. Oh Lydia! You are hilarious! I always smile while I am reading your blogs....and chuckle too!
    And your cards are beautiful as well!
    I think that people leave the key click sound on so that they feel productive as they are goofing off. Perhaps they are somewhat musically inclined and feel that they will be overcome with inspiration if they are able to hear a variety of noises that are basically all the same.
    If we only save one life...it is a start in the right direction!

  4. The only thing I've got is the key click people are either:
    1) in need of validation for every stinkin' thing that they do in life: "oh, you pressed a key? Let me reward you with a little click!"
    2) incapable of hearing the clicks?
    3) the same incomprehensible boors that can't turn their phone to VIBRATE and allow it to ring and then notify them of messages at - Confirmation Sunday church service, Broadway play, author lectures, and movies!
    Urge to grab the phone out of their hands and forcibly turn it onto vibrate.

  5. Then there are those of us who are deaf and not even aware that our phones make those noises. Imagine our surprise that we are doing something that annoys others when we are only conversing the only way we can on a mobile. Please dont kill me. :)

  6. It's an OCD thing, I think. If you don't hear the click, then it's not working properly, so.....must hear the clicks : )

  7. First: My hubs was just looking over my shoulder and said, "Ok, why is there an accordion player there?" Me: "I dunno, Look, it says "Pretty much my favorite video ever". Hubs: "Well you gotta click it!". So I did.

    Second. This isn't a funny response and won't make you laugh but um......some of us don't know how to turn off the clickety-click?

    Third. I LOVE your card! Hubs is home so no time to watch video but I will later. Awesome corner work!

    Fourth: Don't you know, the clickety-click keeps you safe from alien abductions. TURN YOURS ON NOW!

  8. I loved learning to play with shadows.

    As for the click--which I didn't even realize I had turned on until I typed this reply--is a code that goes straight to the brain. This code enhances dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain to let me know it's ok not to interact face to face with another human being. I can survive in my own insular world, be anti social and be ok with that. If the clicking is disrupting others, all the better. It will out their minds into an anti social state as well and I won't have to deal with them.

    Note going to turn the clicking off...

  9. LOL Lydia! I believe their parental units (maybe their significant others) have read 1 too many dog training books. These folks are still in "clicker" training. Not sure what behavior these parental units are trying to reward, though! I do know my doggies tails wag like there's no tomorrow and they drool pools anytime they hear the clicker :-D TREAT TIME!

    BTW.....awesome card! Love the visual dimension!

  10. They want to make you jealous. They think that the more buttons they push it increases the cool meter.

  11. A great card and video tutorial.
    Don't you think its because a cell phone makes EVERYONE today "feel" important??? If you don't have a cell phone in your hand at ALL times with it clicking and beeping, maybe, JUST MAYBE, "someone" nearby may just think you aren't SOMEBODY! (I don't know this crap, I'm "old school". I don't WANT to be reached! LOL)

  12. Can't think of anything funny to say as the clicks are so loud my brain can't cope! All the above comments made me giggle, love the card and great video too!

  13. People have their key click on because they cannot tell what number they are really dialing without hearing it...seeing is not really believing lol :)

  14. Love the card and tutorial.

    To answer your questions:
    (1) That plastic math thingie is a protractor. And yes, I have one, with my compass. And slide rule.
    (2) I recently read somewhere that someone was so enamored with the old-time sounds of a manual typewriter that she set her phone to make the sound while typing. We need to hunt down these people and put them in a room together so they kill each other.

  15. But... I hear voices when the keys click. Don't you? Oh, dear...

    1. Funniest answer of all, in my opinion! LOL Love it! :)

  16. Um, cause I didn't know you can turn them off? I had the same flip phone for eight years. I just got a new Iphone a couple months ago. Amazed at what it can do; but can't figure something that simple out.


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