Tuesday, April 7, 2015

ISO Tote Bag Predator

I really have a tote bag issue.

They are overflowing my bag closet.

The back of my car is FULL of them.

All because we have a bag ban in Austin.

It's like some sort of Brothers Grimm curse, where you wish all your bags away and then are drowning in bags somehow for eternity, just because you are a princess and your stepmother hates you.

Or maybe a Greek myth, where you banished plastic bags - let's say from Lydia, (since that was part of the Greek Empire, I believe) - because you got mad that some broad whose dad owned a plastic bag factory winked at your toga clad boy crush, and then the gods decided (because that's like their full time job - screwing around with people's fates) that you were a saucy wench and should be sentenced to live in a world where every single store you patronized flung sustainable, eco-friendly, anti-global warming, renewable, cross functional teaming bags at you until you died under a mountain of them.

Except those aren't myths or fairy tales - because they are actually happening. And not just to me, as I confirmed today on Facebook.

Whatever it is, it's out of control.

I need a whatever the natural predator of tote bags is to come into my house and EAT ALL THE BAGS!!!

What would that predator look like? A walrus? A gorilla? A narwhal?

Whatever it looks like, I won't be scared of it. I'll welcome all of its hairy legs/eyeballs/horns/teeth/compound eyes with open arms. I'll even name it and give it a heated doghouse. If it eats. all. the. bags.

This weekend - I was THRILLED when one of the handles on the tote bag I carry my stamping supplies to class in BROKE and I got to throw it away! Only 5 squillion to go! Speaking of class, we had fun at my last technique class with this I Love Lace background stamp - I love this thing. Maybe that's why it's called I Love Lace. They know me so well!

Since it's more typical to see this image in lighter colors, I thought I'd switch it up and stamp it super dark just for something different.

I did a little ombre on it, going from Versamark all the way to Early Espresso.

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I added a little vignette from Painted Petals - just kept it small so the lace could be the star. I punched that out with the 1.75" circle punch, and framed it with one of the Circle Framelits.

I did a MICRO video - super short - on how to do this background. I had to hurry because the tote bags are multiplying. I can hear them.

If you don't see a video player below, click here.

So now that I've gone and done a video for you - can I interest you in some tote bags?

I'm happy to deliver them.




  1. I'd be happy for you to deliver bags to Iowa, Lydia!! YAY!!! We can have two Misti's in action at once! Double trouble!!!

  2. Don't make me buy that background!

  3. Thank you so much for the video!
    So I guess the foam mat that came with it is just for packing purposes!! Heehee, I had no idea!

  4. So glad I stumbled on you in crafters purge, your videos and sense of humor are fab. I laughed when I heard of the ice cream recall just a few days after reading your post lambasting its unnatural ingredients.

  5. When they banned free shopping bags in MD, we had to BUY the reusable bags, or else pay 5 cents per paper or plastic. I sometimes just paid it, but having to buy the reusable ones significantly cut down on my collection. I only have about 10 bags. *whew*

    And yay for the MISTI! I love mine!

  6. This is beautiful Lydia. I can hardly wait until MY MISTI gets here!! EEK!SO EXCITED! (Can you tell? LOL
    I know what you mean about tote bags! I have a "few" as well. I recently gave one to a friend (as hers ripped as she was leaving here one night after playing) and she uses it all the time! Maybe I should make someone else's day and give away another one or two! LOL

  7. Do you get a kickback from the MISTI people? You really should talk to them about that because each time I see one of your projects or videos using it I want it more and more. Next paycheck.

    The way you describe the bag issue is a hoot. Thanks for the morning chuckle.

    1. LOL - nope! I'm just a huge fan! :) I love sharing small entrepreneurs' success! I love her story.

  8. Gorgeous Lydia! Super enjoyable watching the You Tube and technique. Omg your bag post is hilarious. Soon there will be a no bag thing with some alternative thing to use that we pay twice as much for.... Off to find out where to get a Misti!<3

  9. Can you not re use the bags instead of getting new ones every time you go to the shops? I don't really understand your problem. I use 2 collapsible crates when I do my shopping.

    1. They deliver bags with my groceries - tons of them - I can't give them back fast enough!

    2. Plus craft expos, art shows, yada yada - people are constantly foisting off tote bags :D

    3. You get your groceries DELIVERED?! Oh, that sounds lovely! What wonderful store/service does that? I guess we have Peapod in the Chicago area, but I haven't tried it. Since I have orthopedic issues (one ankle and two knees needing replacement), that would be wonderful. We did have Webvan back in the early 2000's and I'll never forget them delivering my groceries during a snowstorm - it was wonderful! :-) Around here, Trader Joe's reusable bags are the BEST! :-)

    4. Oh, that's why you have a mountain of tote bags.

    5. You would be doing us a good deed if you sent some up to Maine. I'm making care packages for a Women's shelter up in Northern Maine where so many things are desperately needed.

    6. I'd take some off your hands. I'd use them to make giveaway bags for ladies in the homeless shelter stuffing them with sample products, donations...


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