Monday, May 5, 2014

The Pillbug Workout

I've hinted at my groundbreaking workout program before, here

But today I'm going to reveal it to the world so that I can start taking everyone's money.

It's called the Pillbug Workout, and it must be done out of doors, beginning in early spring and continuing into the fall. You can take the winter off and just eat pie.

I walk 7 miles in the morning about 4 days a week. I love it. But it changes dramatically to the more intense Pillbug Workout when spring has sprung.

In the winter, I can walk like a normal person, in a fairly straight line on the sidewalk. BUT, when it warms up, that same 7 miles takes TWICE as many steps due to pillbug avoidance. I have to walk in crazy little zig zags back and forth across the sidewalks so that I don't squish those sweet little guys.

An added benefit of this workout is that people think I'm completely insane or have inner ear trouble and so I can avoid having my audio books interrupted by random conversations with strangers. 

Please send in your one time payment for the Pillbug Workout and be amazed at how fit you're becoming for the low, low price of $50 or some colored pencils.

During my Pillbug Workout this morning, a bird was nice enough to poop on my hat. Somehow, the bird sensed that my snarky card for today needed to have been prophetic. Or I scared the poop out of him with my crazy walking.

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Heh. Isn't that cute? This is more pre-order goodness. The supremely adorable Something For Baby stamp set and matching Baby's First Framelits brought this card into my brain. The greeting is from the AWESOME new DIY greeting rotary stamp - Alphabet- which gives you 13 characters - letters, numbers and symbols. THINK of the snarky cards I have in my head!!


Thanks for stopping by. Happy Monday!



  1. Haha, I was thinking the same thing when I saw the Alphabet Rotary Stamp....all the fun greetings I could make that SU would NEVER find fit to print. Heh heh heh. Love your card, and am resisting that set because really, I'm at the age where everyone I know is past having babies. ;)

  2. I had to look up pillbug! Are you're biggen than the noes in Europe?
    I love your card, that little duckling is already a favorite of mine an I haven't oddicially seen the new catty yet ;)

  3. I mean, the ones in Europe, stupid autocorrect

  4. Very clever (and I'm sure, unintended) use of this stamp!

  5. Adorable card! So creative with just a little bit. It's going to make someone very happy on a Monday!

    Nice workout too...I am keeping my 50.00 though!


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