Friday, May 10, 2013

Mold and Millibars

We've had a bizarre "spring" here. First of all, we don't typically really get a spring. We go from a mild chill (by most people's standards) to the ice cream kill zone in fairly short order, and normally in February.

But this year, we've had this unusual, record-breaking period of cool temperatures that I think if you weren't from Texas, you'd call spring. It's been beautiful.

Odd for those of use who are growing veggies, because things are a little farther behind than they'd normally be, but pretty weather nonetheless.

However, what comes with this is a horrid plague of mold in the air. In Austin, we have dry and wet molds, and they are absolutely deadly.

I'm allergic to both, and for the last three days, I've nearly died from it. The particular offender this week - Alternaria -  will only die when the temperature is 90 and above. Which it normally is. And which is needs to be RIGHT FREAKING NOW.

I've plotted a Michael Crichton style revenge, involve nanobots, that I can't really tell you about right now, because the last thing I need is those boobs in homeland security stealing my idea.

But when mold death comes, it will be shock and awe, believe me.

I did manage to hold my head still long enough to play in today's Mix-Ability challenge though - and I had a BLAST doing it.

I made a little collage strip base out of Baked Brown Sugar cardstock. Then I used direct to paper to dye some First Edition DSP with our upcoming In Colors - Crisp Cantaloupe, Baked Brown Sugar, Coastal Cabana, Strawberry Slush. I tore up these scraps and glued them to my strip of cardstock and trimmed off the excess. Then I sprayed the strip with Goosebumps Shimmer spray to seal it and give it a little glimmer. It dried really fast. I tied linen thread around it and put it on a Baked Brown Sugar base that I embossed with the honeycomb embossing folder. The greeting is from the new set - Label Love. I love those pretty colors against the brown.

In the days when I could enjoy being outside without dying, I was pleased to see that my roses are going crazy. I have a nice, compact fuschia rose and a white one. I believe they're fraternizing though, because today I saw pink buds on my white rose. 

I turned on CatTV today too - i.e., filled the bird feeder outside my studio window - and caught some fun squirrel shenanigans, much to Maddie & Splotchy's delight.

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Hope your day is full of squirrels and free of Alternaria!



  1. Gorgeous! We've had a cold and extremely WET spring! Not fun when you work OUTSIDE! Yuck! And the mold is getting me as well as the grass and tree pollen. I think we should move to the desert!!!!! Do cacti have pollen??? :-)

  2. Hahaha! Please dont die! My sister has mold troubles too, so understand what you are suffering. Hope this weather decides to cooperate for you!

    Love the squirrel pics! Mine are a tad camera shy right now...takes them a bit to warm up to me. They like Shady though. They come up to the window and sit below it while she has a twitching fit and chatters to them, lol!

  3. By the way, your card is totally GORgeous!! LOVe how you added the color to the torn pieces!

  4. A day full of squirrels - Noooooo.
    Years ago somebody gave a gift of 4 grey squirrels as a wedding present, and they escaped and have practically exterminated our sweet native red squirrels. We do have one - or two that come to our feeders and annoy me intensely: I'm not paying good money for bird seed to feed a cute rat with a fluffy tail!! A singularly inept one fell of the wall one day when I went out, and then fled into the house.

    Love that card.

  5. We had the yellow pollen blizzard awhile back! EVERYTHING gets coated in thick yellow and it just blows in clouds! They say it's not the kind that bother's the sinus but tell me ...when it coats EVERYTHING and if you are foolish enough to have your windows open you must sweep it up for days, how can it NOT impact a person's breathing ability? Thankfully it only lasted about a week! Hope you survive the mold plague because the stamping world would be much less bright without you! :) LOVE the gorgeous card you created! Beautiful colors!!! I so want to play in the challenge but for the moment I have other deadlines! :( Maybe later!!!

  6. Hee hee, your post today is like a good movie - I laughed, I cried, etc. But that card - oh my!! That is so off the wall, and gorgeous. I love it. Thanks for sharing and stay well.

  7. Better living through chemistry!!! :) DH is a grass allergy, so spring is tough for us. I feel your pain. Feel better!! Great card, BTW!! :)



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