Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Slept Like Bear Food Last Night

Okay so I slept like bear food last night.

Here's the deal.

How can a person sleep SO SOUNDLY that they completely twist and cut off circulation to a limb? HOW is that possible?

How were we designed so that we can sleep like this, ensuring that if a bear stumbles into my encampment - yes, I know it would be hard for him to get past the traffic on the freeway, find my house and then disable the alarm, but WHATEVER - that I will wake up and flop around like a squid (bear food) on my numb and tingly limbs that I've slept all wonky on??


It really makes no evolutionary sense. I cannot understand it.

So my first thought on waking up with one leg and one arm that worked was - I slept like bear food last night.

Praise the Lord we are free of bears in suburban Atown. For now.

I stamped today. Crazy, I know, but I had to take a break from my walk this morning - which I normally do in the wee hours - because I have walked 21 miles in 3 days and more than that's not good for a person. So in the wee hours before work I stamp.

This card is using some goodies from the new catalog! Yes, I'm torturing you :). Ink and stamps and matching punches are all coming up.

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But wait - there's more!

The world's teeniest praying mantis appeared in my yard this week on one of my pepper plants! Keep in mind when you look at this photo that the whole plant is 4" tall.



Click to see him. And thank goodness for nature - it's awesome.


Okay so then last night I got to meet the incomparably hilarious, talented and charming Fabio Viviani!

I was fortunate to have been invited to a blogger Q&A before his book signing thanks to my friend Kay. There were just ten of us hanging out with him for an hour, asking him questions and laughing so hard we hurt ourselves. He is SO freaking funny. Thanks to Bread and Butter PR for allowing us this opportunity!

He gave us such an entertaining evening, some recipe tips, some hilarious stories about Italian families and a story about the time he knocked Pope John Paul II's hat off that I don't know that my abs will recover for a while.

He signed his cookbook for us - and I have to say - it's WAY more than a cookbook. He told us that his mother blackmailed him over the book - she said if he was going to publish the family recipes, she got to tell stories about, and I quote, "what a horrible children" he was. And they are GOOD stories!!

I'm lucky to live in a place where it's pretty easy to meet celebrities, but I have to say - I've never met one this charming, personable and funny. I'm a huge fan. Check out the book here and thank me later.

OH - and he gave me a tip for carbonara - God's perfect food - that I will try out and report back on.

I love you like that.


  1. I find that I am bear chow fairly often. And as for Fabio...holy smokes, sexy, charming, hilariously witty! I don't care how horrible of a children he was, he's over the moon awesome now!

  2. So, are you a fan of Top Chef? I don't think I've ever seen you mention it. He was wonderful to watch throughout his season on Top Chef.

  3. That thing looks so much like a green leafy vegetable I'd probably eat him and be sorry later.

  4. I bought a praying mantis egg sack from a catalog a few years back for my son and I. [We had already done caterpillars/butterflies and tadpoles/ bring on the mantids!]
    When that thing hatched, there were about a ZILLION of those teeny, tiny little guys!!! It was sooo cool!
    We dumped them all out of the hatchery on our patio table so that they could go free and find food. When we came back a little while later to see if any were still there [maybe 10 or 15 minutes] my table was a WAR ZONE!!! Ants were ATTACKING and KILLING the baby mantids!!! I think over half of the little mantids became lunch for those awful ants! We were very sad....but hatching the little guys was still a really cool experience that I would highly recommend to anyone with little kids. I got ours from


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