Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Taking a Break

Every now and then you just have to take a break.

Thankfully, I've never had the urge to take a break from stamping - it's what I DO when I take a break.

But I find when things get chaotic and hectic and busy, what I need to do to get back on track is organize. You've done this I'm sure - especially in your crafty workspace - just let all your stuff pile up and work around it until it becomes unbearable.

But why? I feel so much better when things are put away. Getting a Scrapbox has really helped me manage some of my biggest piles - which are primarily paper and embellishments. Now I know where everything is and can go straight to it - so I have a drawer for glimmer paper instead of a three foot tall pile of DSP that I'm SURE had some glimmer paper in it.

You know what I'm talking about.

One of the other things that always runs away and hides is my favorite adhesives collection - the things I use every day - Mono Multi, Mini Glue Dots and tapes. I do a lot of masking with artist's tape. For a while I tried a paper towel holder on my desk that I stacked the tapes on, but because they were all different sizes, the mini glue dots and Sticky Strip would always get lost under the artist's tape and I got annoyed.

So, while I was working on the Weekly Inkling this week, I saw an ad and  realized that I already had the perfect solution right in front of me - my Ribbon Roll Control! So I dumped out all my ribbon and added all my tapes and I am SO happy!

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Now I need two more to put my ribbon back into! Okay - maybe 50 more. I love these because they are acrylic so the container itself takes up nearly no space. You snap them together - no instructions necessary - and they can be desktop or wall mounted, in case you have naughty, ribbon eating cats :).

The best part? They're made in the USA. There's a few more bucks not going to China. That always gets my stamp of approval!

If you want to see them, the ad I saw was here, and it says free shipping until 12/31.

Now onto a little clean and simple now that I took an organizing break.

I made an all white version of the Christmas ornament that's on the cover of the Holiday Mini Catalog, with a little help from the awesome filter paper that's a sneak peek from the upcoming Spring Mini, which is completely amazeballs.

So easy and fun. I used the dies from the Ornament Keepsakes Bundle, the Rosette die, a Vintage Faceted Designer Button, and one of the new extra large sparkly rhinestones from the Spring Mini. I bet you can't wait to see it :).

So make a little space for yourself and see if it doesn't make the holidays feel less crazy. You deserve a break.



  1. Love your ornament!! It is gorgeous!!! Love your organization!!!

  2. The ornament is beautiful! I could fill 85 gabillion of the ribbon rolls. :)

  3. What Lori said. :) And yeah, every once in a while we need to stop and clean something ... oh, shiny!

  4. I LOVE to organize and I love to BE organized! The ribbon holders look wonderful - I'm seriously thinking about ordering them (for ribbon). :)

    Just one question, do you have the petite or the large? I'm thinking the petite would fit the SU! ribbon rolls. Yes?

  5. what is that you're using for your ink storage???

  6. I'm dying to see how you organized your scrapbox!

  7. The ornament looks FABULOUS in all white!!! I am coveting your stamp pad/ink refill/marker storage unit. Where did you find that??? Was it expensive??? I'm drooling over it!!! Ha ha!

    Peace, Love & Joy,

  8. Good job with the big tidy-up!!! :) Great ornament!



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