Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Doctor WHOop. :)

It's weird, I know - blogging about a show I've never seen.

But Dr. Who is swirling around among all my friends, tempting me into being lazy over the holidays and trying to start watching it.

There are so many friends posting about it that I'm actually familiar with some of the terms and the iconography, like the TARDIS, which fascinates me.

Mostly it fascinates me because I keep calling it a phone booth when it's not - apparently it's a police box, whatever that means. But even MORE fascinating is that it is a deep, beautiful blue.

So how, when I got to pre-order Feeling Sentimental from the Sale-A-Bration catalog, was I supposed to resist turning this stamp into a Who-fest card????
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I do not have the strength to resist things like this, my people!

Also, I can already tell I have to send this card to my friend Laurie, who is more than a little bit of the inspiration for it.

I stamped the TARDIS on watercolor paper and then watercolored it with Brilliant Blue and Pacific Point. After it was dry, I covered it with Crystal Effects. I printed the sentiment :). The super fancy and sassy cloud embossing folder in the background is also from the upcoming spring mini.

I noticed on a google image search that the sassy blue box is always flying through space so clouds seemed appropriate.

I guess I have a few weeks I could try to get addicted to this show.

But when Downton Abbey starts back up it's all over, no matter what.

So please, in the meantime, keep calm and who on. Because John Bates is going to preempt your police box, I assure you.



  1. omg awesome card. I don't watch Dr Who either, but have friends who would definitely love this.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I need this stamp! All my 16 year old son wants for Christmas is a WORKING Tardis!!!!! LOL We just got hooked on Dr. Who 2 years ago when we brought NETFLIX in our home!!! Your card is AMAZING!!! Gorgeous color you put down!!!!

  3. I'm very honored you created this card for me! Squeeee! Don't worry - Who and Downton CAN exist in the same universe. After all it's all Time And Relative Dimension In Space (TARDIS) ...

  4. Oh goodness - I can almost hear the Tardis now!! I bet the Glossy Accents look magnificent. I mostly grew up without TV but we did get it in the late seventies so Tom Baker is really the only Dr. Who I'm familiar with, and like later Star Treks I can't imagination that the later ones match up to the earlier ones. But I could be wrong. How and ever, I'd hold out for Downton Abbey if I were you...
    We used to have a Tardis coin box on the kitchen window ;-).

  5. Love this!! I got this set just so I could use it for the Tardis. We are totally hooked on Dr. Who. And along with Downton Abbey, these are basically the only two shows we watch. So they can exist in the same Universe, and they are both British! It would be really awesome if the Tardis showed up at the Downton estate, come to think of it :)

  6. Awesome! I have watched Dr. Who, but don't anymore. However, the rest of my family are big fans. I think I'm going to need this.

  7. Love the interpretation of the phone booth (which the stamp is) into a police box which the TARDIS is. They are very similar in style. Your card made me yelp in a good way!

  8. This card is too cool Lydia!! I Love your Blog - it's such a cool and unique place to visit :)!!! Hugs!

  9. Ok. This has nothing to do with Dr. Who. But after reading your blog, I know you are a woman who can keep up with my jump to a totally different topic. Look! Squirrel! Where was I? Oh ,yes. I pinned a card from your blog last year. I have hunted for an hour with every possible word I could think of to find the card and see if you had instructions, all to no avail. So, instead of continuing to strain my eyes in front of a computer in a dark room (because I was just going to be on for a minute, so why turn on a light?) , I thought I'd see if you remember it and can point me in the right direction. It's a lovely card (of course) with 5 trees that look like they've been made from tissue paper squares. The background looks like watercolor. My daughter has asked me to make some cards for her ("Wow, Mom. These are really bad a--!" as she's looking through some of my stash) Then she saw the one I pinned and asked if I could make it. She also loves your Christmas tree one you just posted, which I hope you do the tutorial for soon--love how it looks like lights. Anyway....the point--do you have directions for the mosaic tree, and do you know what post it was from so I can look at it closely? Thanks so much. After another squirrel now!

  10. Mmm, John Bates ... Downton Abby for the win. The only Dr Who I've seen is this one with Lauren Cooper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHAJ4VFStUE

  11. OMG now I know what will be on my order form when the new mini catty comes out. I <3 Doctor Who.

    It's my most favorite show EVER. If you start watching you'll have to start with the 9th Doctor. Which would be around the year 2005.

    Oh and this year is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. And so far it looks like it will be an amazing Who year.


  12. You may have just forced me to make a Sell-a-bration order! LOVE this Doctor Who card!!!!!

    PS - Be sure to watch The Wasp and the Unicorn episode. It's set in the 20's so it's almost like Doctor Who meets Downton Abbey. ;)Season 4, I think?

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE Your card!! My daughter begged me for this stamp set especially when she saw you card! Such a great job!!

  14. Such a cool card...love it!!
    I love Dr Who and Downton...roll on Christmas Day...new epidodes of both!! :)

  15. OMG! MUST HAVE THIS STAMP! I only started watching Dr Who a couple of years ago, so I've only seen Dr's nine through eleven (and I MUST say number 10 is my FAVORITE!), but one of these days I plan to sit down and watch them from the very first episode! My hubby and I watch a bunch of nerdy shows like this together. :) LOVED the Christmas episode last week!!!!
    Needless to say - your card has made my day!


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