Thursday, September 22, 2011

Playing With Our Peeps!

I had the weirdest dreams last night.

First, I dreamed that Shep Smith was my brother and we were on a trip at this place in Snow Bird we went to when I was little. Thankfully my dream did not include the trip up the scariest road in the world that leads to Snow Bird. I'm surprised this road doesn't pop up in nightmares from time to time. Oh - wait - now I'm scared to go to sleep tonight!

At some point during the vacation it turned into that whole "I forgot to show up for a History test" nightmare. Why do we have those scary school dreams all our lives? Were we that anxious? I really enjoyed school for the most part, minus the odd differential equations and astronomy episodes, so I don't know why I still panic about it in my sleep sometimes.

Thank goodness there are no tests in stamping!

But speaking of school, one of my favorite stamp sets in the world is Greeting Card Kids - I used it for my Christmas card last year and I might have to use it again. I have a general rule that I don't really stamp humans, but this set is such a sweet, sweet exception that I used it for the Playing With Our Peeps challenge on the Touch Twin blog. You should play too because you might win a set of 12 markers! You have two more days to play.
 Stamps: Greeting Card Kids Ink: Memento Paper: Real Red, Silver Glimmer, Mocha Morning Specialty Accessories: ShinHan Touch Markers: YR132, YR133, R11, R14, R131, R139, CG0.5, CG2, CG3, CG4, GG1, 120

Part of the reason I don't stamp humans often is that the images can be too realistic, not realistic enough or just creepy! But these have a Campbell's Soup / vintage look that I love. I decided to highlight the apple and the book on this card and do the rest in skin tones and shades of grey to get that contrasty pop I love so much.

The background is that fun fuzzy Mocha Morning Specialty paper, Silver Glimmer Paper and some Real Red Satin Ribbon.

Aren't they sweet? They just warm my heart. I hope they don't have test anxiety! :)

What are your stampy plans for the weekend? I plan to get my Witching Hour on again to get some things done.


  1. Awwww!! These two are so super cute. And I love how the soft grey is highlighted with the bling paper, the flocked paper, and the the "pop" of red. A VERY pretty card!!

  2. It's true! Human stamps can be weird, but these cuties are sweetness. Lovin the glitteriness & the grays. Boo to stressin' school dreams; Hip hip "bleray!" for stampin'! ;)

  3. Campbells Soup tin colours too :D.
    Can you believe I tried three shops today for crayons. The only one that had any was the DIY store, and the pack didn't have black or white. Since the craft store offered dismal customer service when it came to asking about the Bristol Board I'd got there before, I think a trip to an art store in town next week is called for.
    I too agree with you on the people stamps. I have a few Rubber Romance ones, but that's about it.
    Astronomy in school!! We should have been so lucky...

  4. Oh, what a great card! Love your arty talents, and remember those pesky dreams after earning a science degree - o no i never passed art appreciation!

  5. Love the card Lydia, you are so talented and I always love the color combos that you use.
    About the road to snowbird. The only time it was a scary road to me was when I was 15 and going about 30 miles per hour down it on my 10-speed bike. I guess when you drive this type of road all the time you don't think much of it.
    Next summer I will help you relive this road if you want. Dana got to last year!!!! :)


  6. Love the minimalist coloring. :)

    And yeah, I have a recurring dream/nightmare that I had an English class in college I kept forgetting to attend, then it was the final. Then I wake up screaming.

    wv: reart
    Recycled art is sometimes referred to as reart.

  7. Oooh, that is a good idea to make them gray except for the apple and books. Great look. I have recurring nightmare that I'm back in high school and I've overslept, don't remember what I had 2nd period, don't remember my locker combination or where my locker is and I'm pretty sure were having a history test and I haven't read any of the chapters. So I guess high school is apparently a stressful time for teenagers! Lol.


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