Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Ode to the Spork

Was it Taco Bell that pioneered the Spork?

That was the first place I ever encountered the Spork - where it perfectly scooped and scraped that oh-so-comforting king of southern comfort foods - refried beans - out of their waxy little cup for some serious nomming.

It seemed like even though we didn't know it, we had been waiting for the spork - all of humanity wandering around, sporklessly, eating food imperfectly, missing - we didn't know what. Certainly the last little bit of pintos 'n cheese.

And then they sporked us and all was right with the culinary world again.

I'm confused about why the spork has not made it into silverware sets as a standard. Perhaps there aren't as many refried beans as I think there are outside of Texas.

Anyway, one of the VSN challenges was to do the bandana technique, which I had never done before. While I was making my faux bandana print for the challenge, I was thinking that the white gel pen is kind of the crafting version of the spork. It just makes everything better - helps you get a little more out of everything stampy.

For the bandana technique, you basically just stamp a pretty bold image in black or another dark color onto colored cardstock. I used Island Indigo cardstock and stamped an image from Baroque Motifs in black. Then I just kind of doodled around with my white gel pen until the cardstock looked bandana-y. What do you think?

It would be so cute with a paisley stamp. I thought it would be cute in kind of a country design, so I paper pieced the chicken from Walk This Way and tied a little twine around it. The greeting is from It's Your Day.

Amazing how much more interesting you can make a simple stamped image with a little white detail.It just sporks it up a notch, yes?

I love inexpensive crafty tools that you can do a bunch of fun things with.

Viva la Sporks!!

Don't forget - join me at Scrapology Saturday to make cards for our troops and our firefighters. No cost - just come out and stamp some cards for the bravest men in the world!



  1. Love the bandanna. Love the chicken - hey, how'd you do those chicken spots?!

    WV: creekes

    We haz so much rain here, we'z up da creekes, where creekes = our highways and byways.

  2. LOVE THIS!! Your little chicken is soooo adorable! And love the bandana you created. And it's HILARIOUS that tonight you write an ode to the spork - would you believe, Courtney has a fascination with sporks and TONIGHT at dinner she got to use one for the first time??? It's like we were on the same wavelength or something! She has an Olivia (the little pig) book where her friend Francine brings a "fancy" lunch to school, all laid out in a bento box and she shows them a spork she uses to eat it with. (“Cool spoon,” said Julian. “Cool fork!” said Olivia. “It's both—it's a spork!” said Francine. Olivia and Julian were amazed.) :-) I nabbed one from a cafeteria so Courtney could have her very own precious spork. :-)

  3. This card makes me so happy to look at. Awesomeness.


  4. i have to get me one of those spiffy little white gel pens, but every time i go to HL, i forget its name. or i forget that i shouldn't look for it at HL but at staples? as you can see, i'm a mess. but that bandanna technique is too cute! this is a great card!

    because i know you're dying to know, my first encounter with a spork was in my elementary school cafeteria. don't remember what i ate with it, but it was indeed useful. don't think i'd set a table with fine china with it though. i think the grapefruit spoon is the socially acceptable stand-in for the poor spork.

  5. The first place I saw a spork was KFC, way back when I was a kid (and I'm sure I'm a LOT older than you are!). Maybe that's where Taco Bell got them from. Think of how perfect the spork is for mashed potatoes and gravy! My husband has a little folding spork for his lunchbox.
    I love that you didn't use red for your bandana!


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