Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Bring You Peace. And an Exploding Battery.

Never a dull moment.

On a conference call yesterday, we all heard a terrible sound towards the end of the call.

If you're a fan of LOST, it was exactly the sound the security system on the island makes right before it makes people implode.

Wisely, we ended the call.

As I went to hit the End button on my Blackberry - oh how poetic is THAT? - I see the dreaded white screen of death. Blackberry users know what I'm talking about. Praying that the end was not near, I popped the battery out for 15 seconds and put it back in. Sort of.

The back cover wouldn't close. It was weird - it was like I didn't have the battery seated right. So I messed with it a bit. My red light briefly went on and then off and I figured that Blackberry had calculated the precise end of my contract with AT&T and self destructed my phone at that particular moment. They do that, you know. I didn't have the patience for a mega phone carrier yesterday so I just left it.

But curiosity got me later and I went back later and took the battery out again. That's when I discovered that it had become roughly the shape of a shredded wheat biscuit. It had exploded, I guess, inside the battery case - thank God the case held, because I was holding to my ear at the time, as you will recall - and it was now all poofed out and destroyed.


Thankfully, I happened to have a battery in the purse I used ten purses ago, so I worked backwards through discarded purses, popped it in and thankfully the explosion had not killed my phone and I'm phone-ful again. But it made for an interesting day.

After all that business, I really needed a little Shalom!

Stamps: Shalom Ink: Versamark Paper: Whisper White, Silver Glimmer  
Accessories: Pool Party Ruffled Ribbon, Lace Ribbon Border Punch, Craft Knife, Silver 

I'm not gonna lie, I love this card. :) It's so cool and clean and wintery and sparkly.

The challenge that I hosted for VSN was called God Bless Texas. The challenge was to use the Texas flag as either a sketch or an inspiration so this was my sample. I'm hoping God does bless Texas with something cool and wintery sometime.

So what is exploding in YOUR ear this week? Nothing, I hope! :)



  1. So sorry about your phone, but what great blog fodder! :) A little scary, too, with that whole ear proximity thing you had. Glad you're okay.

    And NICE card. I like the strip of silver glitter-y goodness. That stuff is near blinding as a whole sheet. I think you got just the right amount.

    WV: tishi
    My tired brain can't think of a sentence at the moment, but this IS a good one anyway. :)

  2. gorgeous card! Love all the texture and sparkles!!

    Glad your phone is okay, and noone was injured!!

  3. What a stunning card! I love how you used that stamp! (And glad your phone survived.)

  4. Glad your ear and phone survived!

    Like the texture on your pretty white and sparkly card.

  5. I love reading your refreshing, honest views on life, the universe and stamps!
    I hope your new/older battery is kindar to you (does a mis-spelling for the word verification sentence count? lol). And phooey, I have an ear thingy going on. Nothing as dramatic as explosions though.
    This card is so lovely with all the white textures. TFS.

  6. Hope you and your phone are ok. I absolutely adore your card! I also like the star and glitter...


  7. gf, you sound like me sister, rain is always falling on her parade. WOW that was a scary experience with the phone. Love reading your blog and love your cards. Really love this one, so unique.


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