Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blaming the Telephone For Watergate

I saw a brilliant tweet.

It said "Blaming Twitter for the London riots is like blaming the telephone for Watergate." (via @stealingsand)

Amen to that.

Unless you have been in the middle of a giant disaster, like we have in Austin this week, you can't possibly treasure the real value of social media for connecting people who need things to people who have things people need.

I focused a lot of my social media requests on people who needed livestock transported out of the fire - they needed trailers and space to put the animals and they needed it FAST.

Magically, the word got passed around, and case after case was solved in hours, and sometimes, in minutes. It was nearly as good as passing buckets of water hand to hand. I guess it's the modern barn raising.

People who want to help just need a way to do it. Twitter and Facebook have been a huge help to Austin this week. I have to say thank you to everyone who forwarded one of our messages and pleas for help. And to whoever took in the 100 birds and the 40 horses. God bless you.

On a related note, I was amused this week to notice a pattern among older newscasters. Instead of "Twitter" they ALL say "Tweeter." Instead of Snopes, they ALL say "Snoops." How can it be so consistent? It cracks me up when some old network codger says "I hear that Tweeter thing is popular." BWAHAHAHA.

I realize I will be one of these people one day. But it's still really funny right now :).

Every now and then while I'm shoveling off my crafty desk, I get the urge to make a card with what is sitting within reach. I did that the other day and I love this card.

I put the decidedly vintage Hello Doily together with my sweet, modern witch from Out on a Limb, and doggone it if it isn't crazy cute!!
The greeting is from one of my fave sets - I love bold greetings - Lighthearted. I finished her off with Dazzling Details (hard to see in this pic but her broom and hair are sparkly :) ) and F122 & F124 ShinHan Touch Twin markers.

I'll be using another stamp from this set at our FREE Cards for Troops event at Scrapology on Saturday. Come on out and make cards for free that we will mail to our troops, with the help of the lovely and talented Keri Sereika. The event is all day - 10-5 - and I'd love to see you and stamp with you!

Hope you are all safe this week! Loveyameanitbye


  1. Been wondering about you and those horrible fires! Glad you are ok. We have the opposite problem here - rain and flooding - it has been awful and it is still raining! Wonder if Noah is on "Tweeter"? We need that ark!

  2. I loved your post this evening. It is so good to hear someone praise the wonders of technology instead of shaking their fists at it and blaming it for all the woes of the world. The information age is so big, some people just can't fathom how much it can do. But then again, there were people who couldn't figure out how those voices came through the box called a radio and how those little people fit into that box called a TV.
    Your card is adorable! I love the lacy stamp background with that cute little witch.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Love your card, love that lacy background. I would be willing to bet that old codger who "tweets & snoops" is none other than Sammy Allred. He used to be so funny to listen to when I lived in Lago.

  4. Are you a witch? (If so, Glenda, I'm sure you're a good witch.) Because you put things together that work so magically. Me, I would have thought of putting that little witch on a white moon of a circle, but the black doily? Wouldn't have made it out of the box for that. And they're perfect together. I gotta go abstract sometime. All the best ideas are there! *smile*
    PS Thanks for the recent shout out about my card on Tweeter. Hee hee.

  5. It was a local disaster in my part of the world that got me hooked into facebook. Until then I didn't really feel a need to get connected via social media. I'm a klutz with technology but some info was better than no info. It's good to see the community working together too.


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