Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Is where the nicest people in the world live! Truly! And I say this as a devoted Texan. We are nice in Texas. But only Tennessee is Tennessee nice.

It's almost time for Leadership, and just in the NICK - I finished my swaps. I kept em simple, and used one of my faves from the new Occasions mini - Easter Blossoms.

I wanted it to look like the sun was shining on her and her Easter basket :)

We could use the sun here! It's SNOWINGGGGGG..... What the heck? We are supposed to be warm right now!!

Good thing I have my sassy new bag and stamps to keep me warm!
Here's the Wild Horse Saloon - they rented the whole thing out for the Manager's reception, and we got AMAZING private performances by Dave Robbins (Blackhawk) - one of my fave singer/songwriters from - well, a while ago! :)

Here's a shot of the crowd before the concert
AND, despite the fact that she threatened to kill me ON video, here's a shot of Kim line dancing!

Click here for the video...

More updates to come!



    Looks like a fun time...certainly more than I am having here amongst the boxes :-(

  2. I am so excited that you're in Nashville! I LOVE that place (almost as much as I love Austin!). While you're there, you NEED to go to Pancake Pantry. Best breakfast place ever. Seriously, you'll thank me later.

  3. Oh Lydia!! Looks like you are having sooo much fun! Love your hat!! :)

    Your card is sooo pretty too!!


  4. Thanks for the sneaky peek, Lydia! I expect to see a card with that set, like, immediately! :)

  5. What fun! Sorry about the snow though! YUCK! Our snow is about gone here in GA -- at least where I live.
    When you have a minute would you tell about your card? I am guessing it is crumbcake that the girl is stamped on but did you use crumbcake ink? or is that versamark. I LOVE how you put the white on the front of her and on the basket. It really made a difference. Nice card
    Keep having fun

  6. Love your swap card Lydia! The blue with kraft and printed text is a great combo and that darlin' image with the teeny eggs...darlin'

  7. Love that card!

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED me some Blackhawk back in the day... that voice! I am going to listen to some in my iPod now...

  8. Love your sweet swap card! :) Have fun!


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