Friday, January 14, 2011

Leave Breadcrumbs...

I don't think I've ever been in a building this large. None of us even know what "outside" looks like anymore. This place makes casinos look like convenience stores!

I got to meet a blog reader friend Lisa today - and she was so sweet!! Hi Lisa and the sweet angel princess who gave me the homemade chocolate turtle - you were right - it's AMAZING!!!

a few pics before class tonight... These are from demonstrations today.

Beautiful 3D flowers from Build a Blossom.A cute swap that Millie let me snap a pic of.
Adorable card with a fun fold I'll tell you more about later.
AND, from the Pattern Pieces - Brian made a FLOWER - brilliant!
I gotta vamoose, but more later! Loveyameanitbye!


  1. Me, me, pick me! Oh wait, I'm already a demo. But I would love to have you for my upline, sweetie! :D

    Beautiful samples! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those are awesome swaps Lydia!!! I am laughing about your comment about how large the Gaylord is. A few years ago, I went to Nashville for a Scrapbooking convention. I asked the taxi to take me to the Convention Center and he took me to the Gaylord instead of Downtown. It literally took me an hour to get out of the place, every time someone would point me in the direction of the lobby I would end up going in circles LOL!

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