Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 Bucks Cash and a TROPHY!

Since tonight is the State of the Union Address, I thought we should have a little political commentary from the only group of people in the world who actually understand how things work.

Seven year olds.

That's right. If you want things distilled down to their most important concepts, ask a 7 year old what the scoop is.

In Austin, we have been blessed for many decades by the Pryor family's wit and wisdom. Since I didn't have a TV when I was little (more on that here) I listened to the radio constantly, and felt like sweet old Paul Harvey was a familiar friend that chatted with me every day.

When I moved to Austin, I never shook my radio habit, and Paul Harvey was replaced by Cactus Pryor. Cactus is the kettle corn of radio - his humor is both salty and sweet - and he's an archetypal Texan and Austinite.

My fave daily radio show - the Todd & Don show - features his insanely hilarious son Don, who inherited all that talent and then some, as you can see for yourself here.

Now what I didn't know is that Don almost outgrew what I can only describe as a SHOCKINGLY Texas accent. Take a listen to this 7 year old Texas twang, as he describes just how incredibly cool it is to be the President of the United States. Put down beverages and make sure no one is asleep before hitting play.

(If you don't see a tiny MP3 player below, click here for the audio.)

So if that speech tonight does not mention the fact that if we don't do everything just right, America won't be liyyyyykkke it iyuzzzz, I suggest you turn that TV off and listen to the radio, where people have common sense and crazy accents. :)

Here are some more cute kids for you. Imagine them with an adorable little drawl, where words like "cash" have ten syllables.
I made the card heart shaped by folding some Graphic 45 DSP in half and then cutting it with my scalloped heart Nestabilities die.

The Greeting Card Kids I colored as sort of sepia except for the red apple and my teeny glimmer paper heart.

Enjoy your day - I hope you get ten bucks cash and a trophy!



  1. Accent? What accent? Sounded normal to me! :) Cute card!

  2. Besides being one of the cutest things I've heard in awhile, they sound a lot like my relatives in Alabama. I've got a little Southern in me too, y'all. :)

  3. Ahahhaaa..they sound just like you!!!

    WV: Gainedes as in
    (say in a texas accent please...)
    "One of them dar GAINEDES is gonna be president one day...sure nuff".


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