Friday, August 27, 2010

A Recurring Dream...

I have this recurring dream...

Well, I have several recurring dreams. It's amazing that you can have the same dream again and again for decades, isn't it?

This one involves a post office box I had in Rochester when I was in college. We had these old fashioned brass and glass post office boxes in the teeny U of R station on campus. It smelled like a library in there and I loved getting the mail. Well, I still love getting the mail. :)

Anyway, the recurring dream is that one day I realize that I have left Rochester, which of course I have, and that I've forgotten to forward my mail. It's this awful feeling of years of mail I haven't gotten, and I can always see through the glass door in my mind and there are letters and packages and I'm filled with anxiety. Then I wake up. I always feel uneasy for the rest of the day after this dream.

(Speaking of dreams - random subject change - have you seen Inception? SPECTACULAR movie.)

Anyway, this week, it was my birthday week, and so every day brought new delights. Boxes, handmade cards (one with an AMAZING cicada on it - I laughed so hard!!!), stamping goodies, jewelry, you name it. Thank you, sweet friends for all the gifts. And thank you to sweet Lynda, who left me a happy on her blog!

You guys rock. Maybe my recurring dream will be replaced by a dream about a mailbox full of birthday gifts!!

I put a few of these cards in my mailbox this week and sent them around the world.

The image is the little kitteh from Long Fellows - a hostess set from the new catty. I decided to have a little fun and wrap the image around the crease on the card. To do this, before I scored or folded my cardstock, I just placed the card against the ruler on grid paper, so that when I stamped the kitteh, I could center him around the 5.5" mark. Then I just colored him and folded the card.
I always cut the greetings off my stamps so I can say whatever I want. I'm sassy like that.
So I finished the card with the Congratulations from Whimsical Words.

Are you guys gonna stamp with me at VSN this weekend? Let's get stampy!


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  1. Oh Lydie! I am so sorry that I did not know when your birthday is. But please don't stop with just one week of celebrations! Mine is in June and the fun just goes on and on.

    I love the card it is the best. Your style and sass is one of my favorites.

    Hope you have wonderful week and the best year of your life.

    Love you!!!!!! M

  2. Hi...
    Hope your BDay was fun.

    And I love your card.

    The thing was such a revelation to me to cut the words off of stamp. Like so way wonderful!

    Lydia, you rocked my world.


  3. Sorry I missed your birthday, hope it was even more wonderful than you expressed here.
    Like what you did with the cat.
    I had never thought of removing the wording on the stamps. Have no idea why I bought some of the stamps I have. Now I can finally use them.

  4. The cicada wasn't even a birthday card, LOL. I loved your post and it immediately reminded me of the stamp I had since the last emergence of Brood (whatever the heck the number is). Glad it made you laugh and not scream ;)

    Not sure what's up lately but I can't read the word verification on the first go round and always have to let it bounce back once, then I can read the new one.

  5. Maybe it's your cyber mailbox that ur dream is urging u to open. In any case, this is a "Happy Birthday" cyber postcard wish for u out of the "blue." =D


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