Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cat Mail

Maddie Bat got mail today! I keep telling her she has fans far and wide, but she didn't believe me until I went to the mailbox and found THIS sweet card! LOOK - it even has a PORTRAIT of little Maddie on it! And some lovely stickers. It's 100% handmade, and I do believe that little Autumn Cameron, the artist, is a budding papercrafter!!!
At least, that's what Maddie says!! Thanks Autumn! You are a lovely, lovely girl, and little Maddie would purr and chirp at you if you were here. She is very humbled by your gift of your artwork, and believe me - she's hard to humble!!

I had just been playing with a new Starving Artistamps release when I got Autumn's card - and what do you know - it's full of kittehs! This little guy is from Here Kitty Kitty 1.

Stamps: Starving Artistamps Here Kitty Kitty 1 Ink: White Craft Ink
Paper: Stampin' Up! Newsprint, Basic Black, Whisper White Accessories: Copics, Corner Chomper

I love that he's checking out the mewspaper. Heh heh. What's mew with you?

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  1. LOL
    So what's mew with you?!
    This is just darling .. and sure to spread the giggles!

    What a sweet kitty treat to receive special kitty fan mail too! Wow! Does Maddie send back "pawtographs"?


  2. CUUUUUUUUTE! I MUST own ALL of these! When are the doggie stamps coming out? :)

    WV: shirs
    I'm buying ALL of these, fer shirs!


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