Friday, August 20, 2010

Cat-nanigans, Continued...

I think the heat is getting to the creatures.

I came home the other day and filmed Splotchy for you so you could see what I mean...
(if you don't see a video player above, click here...)

See? Complete insanity.

Having a pet means constant waves of destruction, punctuated by napping. The other day, my sister and I went on an early walk. She returned home to the sound of one of the igniters on her gas stove clicking, the burner on, and a singed Great Pyrenees, who apparently was attempting to make her own breakfast while we were out and about. Her whiskers and a good deal of her furz were crispy. I wonder if she was surprised or annoyed or super excited that she figured out fire... Scary thought, no?

Never underestimate what these creatures are plotting. Never. Be grateful for those days when the furniture is the only casualty.

Stamps: Starving Artistamps Here Kitty Kitty I, Sentiments Here Kitty Kitty,
: Memento Tuxedo Black Paper: October Afternoon Seaside, Stampin' Up! Crumb Cake, X-press It Copic Blender Card
Accessories: Copics (E25, E50, E55, G82, G99, R27, Y23, Y28, T1, T3, T5)
, ovals Sizzix die, Big Shot, Corner Chomper

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Look at you and your Copics ... gorgeous shading.. Darling card!

  2. I just bought this set because of you!

    Poor singed kitteh! She's lucky she wasn't on fire! Scary, indeed.

    WV: predlers
    Predatory peddlers, usually of the door-to-door variety. The ones that claim they didn't see the No Solicitation sign.

  3. Oh, but if you could only see my furniture......Mittens is about two scratches away frm being declawed! As soon as I find a job, her nails are history, at least the front ones.

    That video is hilarious, and the card is absolutely adorable! Love it all!



  4. I'll see your armchair, and raise ya one sofa, and two love seats. I figger we're even on the carpeting ... and hairballs.

    LOLOL, LOVED this adorable ... and all too true video, Lydia, TFS it!

    And your card is beautiful ... cat-scratched and all!

  5. That waves of destruction is certainly true! Chloe the cutie puppy just totaled watch #3 since I brought her home. In my mind, I can see her turning on my oven burners even though she has never seen me use them . . . Love the cat card--those images are great!

  6. that is so sad that the kitteh was singed! Hopefully she learned her lesson!
    the cat cartoon is way too funny and oh so true. We have not had the claws with this kitty but She has ruined several rooms that we had to have recarpeted! I have now nick named her DC!!!!!

    I love the card! you are very talented with the coloring!

    Where did you find a corner chomper? I am in desperate need of one and can't find it!

  7. Talk about reality TV! The video is too real. Your card is terrific. It reminds me to get out my Starving Artistamps

  8. vicki rochester nyAugust 21, 2010 at 8:02 AM

    Love the card - that sentiment would work for my two West Highland Terriers also, who - thankfully - are too short to turn on the stove. I drive rescue Pyrs occasionally - great dogs and way too smart!

  9. Love the video and I can so relate. We are in the process of moving and with two cats and a lot of boxes sitting around, we have seen many similar antics.


  10. This totally cracks me up- I had 2 cats and I totally see them doing it - now I have 3 little boys and it's funny that they do the same kind of thing to my boxes and chairs. cats. boys. wild creatures. You make my day! Thank you and Keep 'em coming!

    Lynda Lee

  11. Unless there are also Great Pyrenees cats, I believe the story is about a dog, LOL. I've met one of those huge beasties and they are the size of small bears, so they could easily walk up to the stove and have at.

  12. That was so cute, I loved it. Reminds me of the cats I used to have.

  13. Oh my word, your card, coloring, stripes! Gorgeous! And God forbid that the dog learns how to make fire!

  14. LOL! What a hilarious video! (Are you sure someone wasn't filming my Webster when we leave a box lying around here?) And the card, of course, is adorable! TFS!


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