Monday, October 29, 2007

When I'm a Grownup

I'm going to eat ice cream for dinner. That's what we all said when we were little, right? Everybody dreamed of forgoing the broccoli for unlimited cupcakes or candy at six sharp. Well, I'm LIVIN' THE DREAM BABY!!! I had Haagen Daaz coffee ice cream for dinner. And kind of a lot of it. So there.

Last night, as the Rockies fell to the Denver stamping curse, I completed the treat bags. DH laughed at me because I kept documenting the whole process and oohing and aahing. The little patties are SO DANGED cute with their scallopy clothes!! Here's the first of them going into their spooky home.

Now what would you have for dinner if you could come home and there was a big serving of ________ just all prepared and waiting for you? Leave a comment and tell me. Me, I'll always pick ice cream. If there was ice cream that tasted like butter, then I'd pick that.

EEK! LOOK AT THAT SCARY LITTLE CAT!!! I'm sorry I scared you. It's okay if you peed a little when you saw this spooky creature. No one is judging. It's kind of an evolutionary reponse, really. You're supposed to be scared of scary little cats.

AHAHAHHAAAA - oops - I did it again. And I bet you just changed your pants!!! Sorry. It's good for you. But look at Spooky on the little tab... awww! Me likey!!!

I'll give you a minute to clean up....

I bet you feel better than when you started!!! Now, did you hear the news that antioxidants are bad for us now? Seriously? Let me tell you people something. There is nothing wrong with some red meat, some wine, coffee, cheese and butter. Everything else is fashionable, but never lasts. We always come back to the basics. Oxidants, I suppose. Tasty, buttery, cheesy, steaky, winey oxidants. Live it up my people.

On to Rubber Stamper - unless I read my issue wrong, the magazine is no more. While I did not care much for the direction the magazine had gone for a few years, I'm sad to see a stamping publication disappear, or in this case, get absorbed into another magazine. Interestingly, there is also a list in this issue of stamp companies which have gone out of business. Strange and fascinating list. Some companies that I thought of as big names. So before falling asleep I pondered this and wondered if the success of the big names has played a part in that. Similarly, I wondered if blogging and great stamping sites have contributed to the decrease in demand for print magazines. My own behavior tells me that one can see, customize and absorb more images on the internet (especially on the really well run gallery sites) than I can from a single magazine, whose charm lasts minutes, not hours. Something to think about tonight. While you peek at my little treats all boxed up and ready to go to work with me this morning and wait patiently for Halloween!!


  1. if i could have whatever i wanted for dinner, i'd choose a great big bowl of cheesy potato soup with some bacon bits on top! for dessert, i'd have a great big bowl of chocolate pudding--the homemade kind with the "skin" on top.

    cutie patutie little treat boxes! i'm off to clean the house for company tonight. wish i was stamping.

  2. Sooooo cute! Great job Lydia. I'm sure you'll be surprised that indeed I'd love a big ole bowl of ice cream as well! However, I know this will hurt, but coffee anything is really life's biggest disappointment in my book - make mine chocolatey, caramely, and some cookie dough or mms or brownies thrown in would truly make it heavenly. :-)

  3. I have to have savoury before I can eat sweet and I love Chinese food or pasta then lots of pudding/desert/sweets ... any kind lol ;o)

    Shame about the magazine, disappointingly we had a very good "arty" stamper magazine go the same way here in the UK :( Now the shelves are filled with "quick card" magazines which are ok but it would be nice to have a choice!!

    Anyway, thank you so much for visiting my blog and congrats right back at ya!! ;o)


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