Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's nice to be missed!!

Thank you for missing me! Really put a smile on my face to get a "where have you been" email bright and early from my favorite barista! The back story doesn't matter. Let's talk about... Relaxing. Tonight is my first relaxing night in a while. I made myself some insanely fattening comfort food, some peach tea in my pretty cup and sssSTAMPED!!

I was looking at the fan club gallery for this month - head to splitcoast if you haven't seen it - and oh my. The fall items are especially inspired. And Zindorf is a dirty girl now - well deserved! So you can imagine the cards over there. Wow.

I combined my pretty cup and the fall gallery and made myself a blue card. Now it's stamped in Brilliant Blue on the pages of Food & Wine magazine. Then I overstamped the large leaf with Going Grey (stamped off), then again with VersaMark & clear embossed. For the cut out leaf, I stamped it in white craft, then versamark and clear EP. CS is night of navy, going grey and ballet blue blue blue blue blue!

There's a little more than meets the eye here, ladies & gents. As you well know, there's a $400 order behind every card!!! My order came today and included this stunning With Gratitude Set. Look back at the post about my cup and I think you'll see why I ordered it. Well then, after the cup, which made me need the leaves, Pam told me the Build A Brads were available! JOY!! So of course I had to order a million of those. Oh, I hope I can stay up till like 9:15!! I want to play with them. Speaking of staying up, I fell asleep at 6:15 tonight. Weathered, I was. So I had to order the Weathered background stamp. You know, freedom of expression and all. Then I think Kristina Werner or some other stamping goddess made me decide I needed Priceless. Now I just gotta remember where the cards I wanted to make reside in cyberspace. Then, with my free merchandise, I finally broke down and got the Simple Delights Simply Sent kit - ohhh I love those stamps!!!

So, tea --> leaves --> brads --> JOY --> Weathered --> PRICELESS SIMPLE DELIGHTS


Speaking of priceless simple delights.. My friend Jenn became an official barista!!! Congrats, chickie! You are now part of one of my most prized rituals. I look so forward to my wee hour Starbucks visit every morning. Kat, Jason, Michael, Zee are my friends who give me inner peace every morning and truly start my engine. Thank God for baristas!

Which brings me to a lame-ish Zindorf case. She did the coolest version of this card, with some warm fall colors. Mine didn't turn out the way I wanted, but it's a fun technique. I'm a huge fan of masking, and I thought hers was really creative, so even though I'm not setting a good example, visit her gallery and think outside the box when masking. It never occurred to me to stack these coffee cups.

Hey - I miss you guys too. But I'm back and should be posting daily again. A weekend of leisure looms.


  1. the with grat card! esp. the leaf by the sentiment...awesome. i think i like the background effect the mag page lends, but i think i'd like it better if i was reading about fall behind the leaves. still...very cool.

    like the cups stacked up too! come to MY starbucks sometime!!! wouldn't that be a terrific surprise...

    i'm off to dreamland now...early morning stamping leads to tiredness.

  2. chriss b (chriss58 on scs)October 18, 2007 at 10:16 PM

    Hi! Welcome back. I LOVE the cards you made. Both techniques are something that I will try. Thanks Lydia.


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