Friday, October 26, 2007


No, but really - TG!!!! Look - here are Sjane and Schriss!!!! Sjane is the one from whom I was separated at birth and lived a somewhat parallel life with until we met each other through Stamping. She now knows how much Schriss and Spam laugh at me at our meetings!!

Jane made a stunning vertical criss cross card, which brings me to a true confession. I am such a rut girl, that I never even thought of turning one of these to the vertical orientation!! I finally got to talk to Jenn on the phone this weekend, and she gave me that idea, so of course my parallel universe twin shows up with her card this way! This is so pretty, and I know love the ornate tab stamp she used which I've had and never done anything with.

Speaking of that lovely stamp, check out Spamelita's glitzy challenge entry at left! Wow!!! See the dazzling diamonds on the flower embellishment and the stamped ones? This is so beautiful. Speaking of beautiful - isn't Spam beautiful?? Now she brought the cutest projects she made. An adorable gift enclosure with a wreath (Yes, Schriss, it's a WREATH) on the front made from the scallop and half inch punches. So cute and simple. I will attempt to recreate.

We always tell SPam she looks like Jackie O. Except more glamorous, as one would expect for the inventor of the Eye-Phone. Her glasses have these sassy little rhinestones on the sides. Adorable!

So on to inventions. You are not going to believe this. You know how I'm always talking about Schriss' cutting skills. LOOK AT THIS!!! Look closely at the paisley accent on the insert. THAT IS ALL HAND CUT! Now, that might lead you Understand Blue readers to think to yourself - was Schriss a butcher in her former life? The coyote, the precise cutwork, the paper piecing that has an uncanny resemblance to surgery? Hmm.. I will never tell. it's one of our ssssecrets.

These were absolutely beautiful, and despite everyone saying this was a real challenge not to use color, I think they were hustling me - because if this is what they struggle with - imagine how pretty the easy stuff is! Great job ladies!

I'm off to clean and organize my stamp room, and then concentrate on Halloween treat bags, which MUST get crossed off my to-do list this weekend!

Here's an idea for you. I entered an SCS challenge this week and sent the sample to someone on the RAK list. Do you have a bunch of cards you haven't sent out? This is a great way to do something nice for someone, so I encourage you to check out Splitcoast (link in my links at right) and put those cards you're making to good use. (Or you could send them all to me =) )

Hasta la Vista!!

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  1. TGIF, indeed! I have to get up at 5 tomorrow morning to go make the coffee for the crazies who are up and waiting at the door at 6:30, but that's okay. I'm a morning person.

    Where is YOUR card? Does it really look just like Jane's?


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