Friday, November 17, 2023

VIDEO: Photo Paper Resist Three Ways + New Patreon Benefit

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Happy Friday! 

It's been a long week, but I'm happy to report that I've let Maddie out of her cone after three weeks and she's done with her antibiotics. In the last few days, she's perked up a bit. I was seeing a ton of depression in her with the cone. Splotchy hissed at her non-stop, she couldn't play - it was really sad. Now she's getting back to her feisty little self. 

I have a new video for you today with several different ways to do one single technique and ONE of the results is so different from the others - I think you'll love it. 

I used photo paper and a few watercolor mediums: Neon liquid watercolor, powdered watercolor, and reactive ink.

You'll see in the video what happens with one of the mediums - it's really neat. I used this background stamp for all the testing, and I used a Christmas and a Thanksgiving word die and kept the cards simple.

On the medium that behaved so differently - look at the difference in the stamp lines! - I finished the background with this geometric stencil and glitter paste. It's hard to photograph so here's a closeup.

Here's a side view closeup. 

Here's the finished card where you can REALLY see the difference in the reaction.

Here are all the supplies you'll see in the video:
Snow Background
[ HA ]
Frame Stencil
[ HA ]
Seasonal Word Dies
[ HA ]
DF089 Grateful Words Fancy Dies (D) |...
[ HA ]
Golden Sands
[ SSS ]
Sunset Beach
[ JGG ]
Root Beer Reactive Ink
[ HA ]
Neon Yellow Watercolor
[ HA ]
Neon Pink watercolor
[ HA ]
Photo Paper
Neutral Glitter Paper
[ C&9 ]
Sticky Mats MINI 3 pack
[ MSP ]
[ MSP ]
Glitter Paste
[ HA ]

And here's the video!

I added a new Patreon benefit today to the True Crime & Cooking level! A lot of podcasts will do series on certain topics, but they are all mixed into their feed, and you have to hunt and peck to find them, especially if they come back to them after there's a resolution in a case after a long period of time.

One such case happened recently, so I've gone and put together playlists so you can listen to them all with no interruption, and the first one I posted is INSANE. So far there are 17 episodes, but they aren't done. You can binge the first 17! I'll add the new ones as they come. PS this is not a violent crime. No spoilers. :)

I hope you have a great weekend! Loveyameanitbye.

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