Wednesday, November 15, 2023

VIDEO: Easy Embossed Highlights - Part 1 of 2

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I experimented with a new meatloaf tonight and this is big news. I make a GREAT meatloaf, so I actually never try anything new. I'm sort of the same way at restaurants - once I find something I love I rarely order anything else. Bad habit! But having to cook every meal since 2020, I've branched out by necessity even from my most sacred recipes. This branch was a hit! It was a green chile meatloaf and it was delicious. It had tomato sauce in it and on top, which is not my habit, but it was absolutely delicious in this recipe.  My friend Dana told me about a great salsa macha she had recently and now I want to try to make some of that. But the good news is - I made TWO meatloaves last night - the green chile and my normal one, so I don't have to cook for a while. 

My neighbor gave me a big envelope of seeds from her oriental poppies! I scattered them yesterday, so I'm really hoping I get poppies in the spring. Hers are STUNNING - like 4 feet tall - they line her "hell strip" - the little strip between the sidewalk and the street. I've been keeping a little garden journal - it's a now discontinued EC perpetual calendar I got off my Buy Nothing group, so I write down each time something blooms or goes dormant on the day it happens, and then it becomes like an almanac. So for the poppies, I just drew out a little map of where I scattered the seeds. You're not supposed to bury them - they need sunlight to germinate. We will see! 

Enough about mundanities. I love that embossing folders are having a bit of a renaissance. I probably still have the first embossing folder I ever bought and I'm still intrigued by them. It just seems like there's no end to the techniques, and like stencils, they are an inexpensive and durable supply. 

Today's video is like an EXTRA light version of the three different fresco videos I've done

It's absolutely perfect for watercolor, as you will see in the video. So much fun to do. I used this 3D embossing folder, which I also used in one of the fresco videos above! It's so pretty. I haven't moved it off my desk since I got it. I think this ended up looking like silk the way the watercolor blended. The sentiment set is this one. I had no intention of making this a Christmas card until I finished it, and noted that the colors were very much holiday colors. 

Isn't that fun? You have to look closely to see the three little silver embellishments but they are super shiny in real life. 

Here's the video:

Here are all the supplies I used today.
3D Embossing Folder
[ HNB ]
Peace Dies
[ HNB ]
Peace Stamps
[ HNB ]
Clear embossing powder
[ HNB ]
Embossing Ink
[ HNB ]
[ HA ]
Continuous Spray Mister
Cold Press Watercolor Paper
[ BLIC ]
Mixed Metallic embellishments
[ HNB ]

What are you cooking? I'd love to hear!


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