Saturday, May 27, 2023

VIDEO: The Owl Did It & New Journal Class!

It's here! Part one of my video of the beautiful white owl! But first - a story!

I referred to this in another post, but one time, on the way to New Mexico (an 11 hour drive from here), a turkey buzzard came through my winshield, covering me, and one of the cats in glass. 

We were in a rental vehicle and also in the middle of nowhere, and this set off a completely nuclear chain of disasters. It took hours for them to get to us with a replacement, and when they showed up - they didn't have it - they just had a tow truck. Well we had two cats, two people and an SUV full of luggage so what were they thinking?? So they went back and got us a vehicle - more hours of just sitting. It's hard enough to travel with the cats - this was brutal. 

6 hours later, they bring us a vehicle. We transfer everything and us and the cats and head out for the remaining NINE HOURS of our drive. When I got up to about 60 miles per hour, a piece of weather stripping on the windshield that was loose starts thumping really loudly in the wind, which it did for the next nine hours. 

By the time we approached the outskirts of Santa Fe, it was 3 AM and I was beyond exhausted and stressed and the cats were beyond beyond. It's VERY dark outside Santa Fe - they are really good about not adding light pollution, but it makes driving in the middle of the night scary. 

Around one little curve just outside of town, a ginormous barn owl appears out of nowhere headed right for the windshield! He got so close I saw his eyes, his claws, his pretty little pin feathers on his chest. We both screamed hahah. He glided over the roof, just barely, and I managed not to roll the SUV. 

It was too much, the birds on that trip! But we made it, and now I know what it's like to be buzzarded! Zero stars!

Also, I rage returned the stupid Ford to the airport the next day and got the third SUV of the trip, but not before recording the thumping sound as I was driving. Somewhere on an old phone that video waits!

So speaking of videos - today I have a new video - part one of this amazing owl card - part two for the background is coming soon. And I have a new $5 journal class on an adorable travel bujo.

Here are the supplies:
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Here's the video - there's a giveaway on YouTube!

And here is the little mini journal you can make in this class!



  1. That is SO scary! And so annoying when you're trying to get somewhere on a long car ride (not to mention the 2 cats!). We also had a buzzard commit suicide-by-car as well! However, our buzzard decided to hit the headlight, not the windshield, thankfully (it was daylight, too). But we soon learned that you can no longer just replace a headlight. You have to replace the entire headlight casing... which was way over $500. Yikes. That was our deductible, so that's why I remember it. I was so surprised we couldn't just pop out the headlight and put a new one in.

  2. Wow! What a story! That owl moment sounds incredible. So glad you didn't roll the SUV. Your cats are troopers. Our wild rescues can't handle even a 6 minute trip to the vet without completely ruining a cat carrier so no trips for us. Our vet visits are a two man team, one holding sweet little Rocket so he doesn't get sick all over his carrier, one driving.

    Your card is a stunner! I look forward to viewing your video!


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