Thursday, May 18, 2023

VIDEO: Birthday Clubbing + Giveaway!

Okay I PROMISE I'll shift away from birthday cards soon, but I'm just on a roll! I've cleared out a TON of old cards and am refilling my rack with a purpose, because I really need to get better at mailing birthday cards.

I did something I RARELY do with this month's 3D Embossing Folder Club - I mass produced! I really did! Because these oversized embossing folders let you do two slimline card fronts at a time. I'm all for that. 

All I did was simple spot ink blending with brushes on it. 

However, my photo of this is one of those visible illusions. If I stare at it long enough, the dimension FLIPS and it looks indented instead of raised. And of course now that I've said that, you will be unable to see it the right way. It's like the blue black / gold white dress all over again! You're welcome! :)

The sentiment is these dies. 

We are having a blog hop & giveaway today to celebrate ALL the clubs. I'm very, very selective what recurring subscriptions I have, because I'm a budget person, and I love these. My favorites are the Embossing Club, the 3D Embossing Club, Small Die, Large die and Stamp & Die. I think I told you that I destashed my embossing folders hard on a recent decluttering, so this is a good way to slowly build them back up with new themes, but honestly, the size of these make them so very versatile. For example, they are ready made journal covers.

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These are so fun and a perfect size for your purse or car.

Anyway, enough about my embossing obsession. 
Here are the supplies, and come back for a giveaway and more inspiration from my friends! They will be showing all sorts of things from the other clubs.
Clubs | Spellbinders Paper Arts
[ SPL ]
Fluorescent Vinyl Paint
[ BLIC ]
Journal Stapler
Script Words (Layering)
[ SPL ]
[ BLIC ]
Cheddar paint
[ JGG ]
Paint soft spatula
Sepia Ink
[ BLIC ]
Gold Wax
[ ELH | HA ]

To celebrate this release, we are giving away a $25 gift certificate to 3 lucky blog readers – selected from the comments on these blogs. Giveaway closes 
on Sunday, May 21st, 11:59 pm MST. The winner will be announced in this blog hop post the following Wednesday. The winner is responsible for shipping costs, duties, and taxes.


Please note, store credit (gift certificate) cannot be applied to Club Subscriptions. Store credit can be applied to shop past Club products, Club extras and regular releases.



  1. I only saw it as indented before you said anything! LOL! And I still can't see it the right way! I'm only in the Glimmer club but I may have to check out the embossing folder club. I gave away many of mine, and still don't think to use the ones I kept...maybe I need to breathe new life into my collection!

  2. Thanks for the tip about the generous size of these embossing folders! Mass producing can be so helpful in our busy lives!

  3. Interesting! Hadn't thought to use paint for a journal cover like this - especially an embossed cover. Thanks for a great idea! Nice to learn about a book stapler, too! Thanks!

  4. Love the idea of painting on a journal cover to make something different. Using a folder to make two cards at once didn't occur to me - great thinking! Love to save time while making lots of cards! Thanks!

  5. Thank you for sharing your idea

  6. Cute cards and thanks for the video!

  7. I love the oversized embossing folder idea! And those COLORS! Gorgeous!

  8. I see it indented first. A lovely card.

  9. Cute cards. I like how you used the reverse side of the embossed paper!

  10. I love the font of the birthday sentiment and you've created sweet cards.

  11. Fun to see the debossed side of a folder on the card front. Fun colors. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Great card. I'm all for mass production.

  13. Beautiful textured cards, that combination of red with golden looks great

  14. Wow! I love your projects! The cover on the journal is so pretty- love the gold wax!

  15. Love the card. Thanks for sharing the video. Chef John is amazing and he always adds cayenne pepper.

    1. We love him so much! I love his subtle snark too.

  16. Love the colors used! They are just stunning. Thx for the inspiration!

  17. Love a trick visual. The embossed
    folder is gorgeous. That red is vibrant.
    Great projects. thanks for sharing.

  18. Pretty card and I like the embossing for journal covers.

  19. Have never have the idea of making a journal, I'm into cardmaking more myself but I love the size of the 3d embossing folder I can get 2 card fronts from one.
    Thanks for the video, great idea if I decided to do a journal cover or even a notebook cover in the future.


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