Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Moody Blue Farm Scene + Embossed Transfer

I know it's only May, but I got some dies that are giving me serious Halloween vibes, so I went all in on that mood. 

First, I wanted to make a nighttime scene with these beautiful rustic dies. They remind me of the ranch, and there's nothing spookier than being out in the country at night, when everything is the same color, and all you have is light from the moon. 

I mixed Distress Reinkers and my Twinkling H20s from the late 1900s and did some good old fashioned ink smooshing on this paper - it always gives me these billowy clouds you see here. 

I just dipped all the die cut pieces into the same ink. When it was dry, I used this classic tool and white ink with one touch to create that perfect moon. Then I brushed a tiny amount of white ink in the top of the birdhouse and pump for moonlight. 

I was going to add a sentiment - but I loved it too much as it was - all moody and blue. 

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Now wait until you hear what I did here!!

Okay - this same artist also has this set of dies out - and I almost did a Halloween theme with the pumpkins too! But I could not resist this classic Texas star

To make the background - both of those pieces are from the same process. I used white cardstock, and this magical paper inside the embossing folder together! So in one trip through the machine, I got the white piece, and the grey piece, which is the negative! SO FUN. I just lined them up and glued them together and added this thanks die cut. The colors are the new C9 color release. PS - the embossing folder was from the 3D Embossing Club, so it's not available anymore, but I love this club so much - I didn't have many embossing folders after a big cleanout, so this is a fun, economical way to build my collection back up.

Rustic Dies
[ SPL ]
Seasonal Dies
[ SPL ]
C9 Colored Cardstock 2023
[ C&9 ]
Distress reinkers
[ BLIC ]
Ink friendly paper
[ BLIC ]
White pigment ink
[ BLIC ]
Round Blender
[ JGG ]
3D Embossing Club
[ SPL ]
Charcoal Xfer Paper
[ BLIC ]
Layering Script Dies
[ SPL ]

I have a YouTube Short and a TikTok with the process for the first card if you follow me on either!


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  1. I am very interested in what you did with the transfer paper-I would love to see that if you could do a vid on that. Cool idea! Another way to use EFs! The moody blues are so cool too! LOL....from the late cracked me up! White ink...we forget about that and tend to use white acrylic.


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