Wednesday, March 15, 2023

New Fresco Resist Technique & Live Watercolor Video

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This has been the craziest week, with an unexpected oncology appointment for Splotchy - that's a whole thing because it's so far away - complete opposite side of town, and I have to just wait in the car for hours because driving back and forth is expensive and dumb, to the time change, and any number of associated insanity with that. It's just a whole thing, this Ides of March!

I've been so busy I haven't even cooked at all, so I have no new recipes for you at the moment, but I do have some pretty cards - will that work?

I'm super excited about the technique behind the first two cards, but the video - you will have to wait three days for that - you can see that on the YouTube hop WITH giveaways that I will be a part of on Saturday.

It's a modification of my fresco technique, with a fun twist. I used a new 3D embossing folder, this resist crayon, Inktense blocks and the MISTI - on the card on the left - to get that pink  glow on the sentiment - just stamp the sentiment in one color, then very slightly shift your cardstock and stamp it in the second color - so easy! 

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AND I have a video for this card too that you'll see later, but this is an incredible layering and interactive egg crate die! I can't wait for you to see how it goes together and how much fun it was to watercolor all the pieces. But can we talk about the basketweave paper please? My art journal is crying out for this and now I only have a little bit left! PAPER HOARDING ENGAGED.

I chose all granulating watercolor from my Daniel Smith splits for this, because both egg cartons and eggs have porous surfaces that needed to be highlighted with granulating watercolors. 

And for the first time in a LONG time, I stamped my sentiment on colored cardstock - why don't I do this more often?? The complementary color is just what I love. 

There's so much more to come, but I can't leave you without showing you these gorgeous layering bird dies. If you missed the live today, here's the unedited video complete with chitchat showing you how these beautiful birds go together. Finished card coming soon.

Enjoy me ramblling about all this here LOL.

I really hope tomorrow is easier than this three days has been!


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