Saturday, March 11, 2023

Turning Modern into Vintage & New Art Journal Basics Class

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When I first started trying to develop my own stamping style, the style I was drawn to the most was vintage style, but I was TERRIBLE at it. For me, it took a long time to learn what makes something an attractive vintage card or art journal page. 

If you feel like that, I have a very easy hack for you today, that I posted YEARS ago that changed a lot for me - and that was using glazing to tone down a modern image and make it appear vintage. 

Whether you've colored an image yourself, or are using a pre-colored image like this bird I'm using today, this trick will work. What you do is using a silicone spatula (this creates the texture), apply clear gesso to the image. While it's wet, drop in this warm gold fluid acrylic and swipe to cover the panel. 

The rest is easy! I used this beautiful vintage stamp set and ephemera collection to create a collage, and then splattered the whole thing with white and aqua gloss acrylics, and gold fluid acrylic paint. You could even make a bunch of these, put them all on a big table and splatter them all at the same time. SO easy and quick - waiting for the gesso to dry is the longest, and so worth it. 

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I have a new $5 class today! I was creating this beautiful journal page and I realized that it has alllll the elements that help me create a new page from scratch every single time I sit down to art journal, and thought I'd share that process, because to me, the most intimidating part is just STARTING. If that's what's keeping you from journaling, you will love this quick and easy class. You can see the full supply list for this page (with or without the class) HERE. I LOVE this whole collection - it inspires me! 

What you will learn in this class is the five elements I think are essential for making pages you love and the ways that you can incorporate those to remove the intimidation from that blank page! 

I hope you have a crafty weekend lined up! It's gorgeous here, so I'll be shoring up the garden.


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