Saturday, December 3, 2022

You're a Star - REALLY

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Happy Caturday! I learned this week that cats can SMELL your central nervous system! I'm sure dogs can too. But little changes in your hormones and nervous system - they can smell them! It explains a big mystery I've always wondered about. My kitties FREAK OUT and paw my face when I have a laughing fit! They think I'm crying. Which tells me the hormonal changes in laughing and crying must be the same. Fascinating. Makes it hard to watch funny shows though. They literally jump on me and meow and paw my face and are so stressed out. I wonder if it's the smell of tears, because I cry when I laugh. 

My Nobel prize awaits, I'm sure. 

Anyway, I used to tell my dad all my kitties' quirks - he loved those stories. And so I thought about him when I was making the cards I'll show you on Monday from the Hero Arts kit, because they are all space-themed, and no one knew more about celestial things than my dad. 

Here's a little peek. Somehow I made this card extremely hard to photograph. So I have another view you can see below with the cloud detail a little better.

The other thing that made me think of my dad is this Peter Max style background - it's so fun and has a coloring book style that I love and is sort of retro.

I used a foil background, because - you know - SPACE. 

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Here's the better view of the cut/emboss cloud dies.

I'm running around doing all sorts of things this weekend, including painting some cabinets.

Prayers appreciated LOL.

Have a great weekend. I'll see you Monday. 

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  1. I LOVE this background! And it's so interesting to hear your dad loved space things. My dad, too. It must be their generation. I know other friends' dads are the same!

  2. I like the simplicity of your sky! The 3D clouds are a great idea!

  3. Great card! I love this background!

  4. Love the foil, love the texture. Thank you.

  5. Cute card! Yellow is my favorite color. :-D

  6. Interesting card! No blue! At first I thought the clouds were cut through the front panel, second view shows them affixed to it! Fun card. Blessings on your weekend activities!

  7. Beautiful card. Love the added clouds.

  8. Well, I love this, it looks amazing and the bit of blue edging the sun really stands out!

  9. Love the dimensions of the clouds on this, Lydia - just the perfect "pop"!

  10. Cute card. Love the bright sunshine!


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