Friday, December 9, 2022

Kitty Pop-Up Building Card + Weathered Paint Effect

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I'm very concerned about the weather the next few months, based solely on how much my little kittiots are eating! They are eating an insane amount of food - are your pets? The heavy acorn crop combined with this is scary.

I have the CUTEST pop up card for you today! I had so much fun building this and adding the little architectural details from these pop up dies. You can combine a bunch of different scenes - a book store, a bakery, just a house - it's so adorable!

I decided to use a brick Gel Press print I made for the main portion of the die that forms the building. The die includes the little strip above that white molding that covers the rest of the card base, so I just cut that from the same brick print. That little extra space at the top of the card base is what allows the whole card to fold flat for mailing - you'll see that in the second photo. It's a really simple popup assembly - just two score lines top and bottom form the 3-D building. It's the architectural details that make it amazing - the molding detail you can assemble a few different ways - same with the door which I did a fun old-paint technique on - and the paned windows are so cute. I built a little brick flower box for in front of the windows.

BUT, in the bookstore set of dies, there's a CAT, so I could not resist using the little lamp die to shine a spotlight on the deserving little kitty in her townhouse! It's hard to see here, but there is acetate inside for the windows.

I put the lamp down on the cardbase where I wanted it to be, and marked the bottom of the lightbulb with a pencil and then removed it and masked the light beam. I ink blended that with yellow, and then masked that and blended everything around that with gray ink to make it look dark inside.

This view lets you see the box shape at the bottom.

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This straight on view lets you see the flat top of the card base at the top that the whole card folds flat against.

On the door, I wanted it to look like there were layers and layers of old paint on it, so after I glued the three door pieces together, I did a two step process. First I covered it all with clear embossing powder, and after that, I glopped on some gloss medium, making it thick and uneven in some spots. After that was dry, I added the mail slot and door plate, cut from gold foil.

Here you can see the acetate, and the dimension of the card and box shape bottom right.

I love the way the door looks - it looks like an old door on a London rowhouse when they just keep painting over old paint - like this.

How fun is that? Check out the other combos here - lots of fun little scenes you can make - it's just adorable.

Hope you have a great weekend. Ironically - I have some cabinet painting to do!


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  1. Awww! Such an adorable card. your gel print background is amazing. What a fun design. The molding is gorgeous. All kitties should have a spotlight! :) I am scared for you about the TX winter. It's been bad there past few years! Our little ones are on fixed amounts because Rocket doesn't understand the concept of full therefore, I don't have that type of weather indicator. I sure hope it's not especially cold here or where you are!!


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