Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Correction! More Die Cut Only Holiday Cards + Bulgogi Meatball Recipe

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I'm back with MORE die cut only holiday cards today. I guess I'm in a phase, officially! OR maybe there are just some really pretty holiday dies that I'm drawn to right now. Or maybe both. 

I spent the weekend paper piecing the cards I showed you earlier this week and also these. SO much relaxing. I started listening to the American Scandal Podcast - the episodes on Dow Chemical - WHOA. Highly recommend. I get so absorbed in those stories while I'm crafting and then it's suddenly 6 PM!

I also Marie Kondo'd the very last closet in our house. JUST prior to March of 2020 I was on a Kondo TEAR through the house, and I did all the closets except one - the closet in my former guest room, which is now my craft annex. I didn't really bother with that because I didn't need the space, but now I really do, so I went to town this weekend. 

My entire porch was filled with fun stuff for members of my Buy Nothing group all weekend. Lots of Halloween costumes, some cardstock, a shoe rack, some shoes, some old card kits from my retreats - NEVER toss those - moms of crafty kids and teachers LOVE them. I also found two Z Becky Brown purses with my own artwork in them and people loved those. You can see the two I gave away here and here. It was so fun to see people super excited over something instead of just driving to Goodwill. If you aren't a member of your local Buy Nothing Group, I'm begging you again!

We caught a GIANT buck on one of our security cameras last week. I'm obsessed with the way their antlers grow. He was a big boy - and we've seen him before when he just had velvet on them when he was much younger.

I have a fondness for deer images, since they are everywhere here and so beautiful and gentle. They are perfect Christmas imagery. 

But because I own glitter paper, I have to make my deer FABULOUS, so that's what I did today. First things first - I used the middle die of this layering stitched background set on the black panel and put that on a white card base. Then I used this pink, green and silver glitter paper with this gorgeous, Nordic style deer die. When I piece small items like the details on these dies, I like this pickup tool and liquid glue. 

The sentiment is from this die set. I love negative space dies.

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This is a better photo of how sparkly it is. You can see the debossed stitching guides for the background die I used better in this photo.

includes the greeting for this card.

I used the flourish die for this card with Poppy cardstock, but I kept the negative and positive, but pieced them back together, because I like that outline it fits back into. 

Then I used this adorable folk art bird die set for a focal point. 

Have you started holiday cardmaking? I usually start after Thanksgiving, but I'm on a roll this month, so I might just keep going. 

I'm trying a new recipe tonight - so I'll let you know how it goes because it looks amazing! Hint - it's another Korean recipe.

Update - my blog freaked out and posted this early, so if you're receiving it again - I apologize - to reward you - I tried the recipe and it's AMAZING. However, it does need notes. You can see my notes here

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