Monday, September 26, 2022

Please Don't Read a Book In Central Park at Night, But....

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I'm taking a break from holiday stamping to bring you some WABBITS. One of my fave artists has some new ones, and, just as exciting - there's a new 4x6 background to scene build with. 

So since those go together like peas and carrots, I decided to plop my little bunny with a book into Central Park! Reading a book at night in Central Park is safe ONLY for wabbits - please don't try this yourself! I colored the park background super simply with OLO Markers, leaving the sky white. Then I stamped the scene on masking paper and cut out the horizon and buildings and masked that. I ink blended a night sky, that I splattered with white paint. I die cut a little moon and glued that on.

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The little ballerinas she did are so adorable! I thought about doing a Degas style scene at first, similar to what I did here, but as I studied the style - the clean line and the detail in the bunnies, I decided instead to separate them from a colorful background and leave them uncolored. The OLO Marker dots give it a festive feel - the bunnies look pretty festive.

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I made an amazing acorn squash recipe from TikTok last week. I honestly think this would be delicious with any fall squash like butternut too - it's all in this delicious sauce that goes on it.

However, I do NOT eat the skin of acorn squash, and I found the way that she sliced the squash made it messy and hard to eat because you have to try to peel off tiny strips of the rind. Since she has you nuke the squash to soften it for cutting and cleaning (I use the oven for this part, like I do with all squash - never cut a raw squash if you like your fingers to stay attached to your hands), I would vote for removing the skin at this stage as well.

The lime and chile are so amazing with the sweet squash flavors. Just yummy I hope you try it. Here's a link to the original with my notes.


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