Monday, May 23, 2022

Scenic Mixed Media Coloring

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In a VERY surprising plot twist, I had a highly productive weekend! I took a half day off on Friday and I cleaned, organized and cooked for the upcoming week. I made chicken salad, my red lentil tofu, some amazing lemony cauliflower and cooked bacon for next week's breakfast tacos. 

Y'all know how much I hate deep drawers, and my craft desk is built with two Bisley filing cabinets and an IKEA top. I love the filing cabinets, but I really only need one drawer with actual hanging files, so the rest were a huge jumble of things I use during my lives - my MISTIs, my pre-cut paper for gel printing, my black inks, my spray bottles, etc. So I finally had enough and found a good storage system that works in that space. So I did that, and I gave away a lot of the contents of those drawers on my Buy Nothing Group, and made some people happy, so that was a total win. I also cleaned out the Raskog cart next to my desk that holds my heat gun, most used pens, pencils, erasers, towels, etc. It's been bugging me for a WHOLE PANDEMIC, so that felt good.

After all that was done, I had Sunday for true crime and crafting. I binge listened to the Counter Clock podcast season 4 and HOLY COW. I love Delia and they release a whole season all at once so you can binge, and this season's case is insane. The weather was crazy cool after a front came through so I crafted with open windows :).

Since I had a whole day, I decided to bust out my colored pencils for this super duper fun desert scene

For the larger areas - the sand, the mountains and the sky, I put down a layer of OLO before finishing with pencils. The rest is all pencil. I used this blender pencil as well, which I've had for years and forget about all the time. Such a cute scenic image. I really hope they come out with more of these, because this is a very fun way to spend some time.

The most recent in the Clarence series was up next. It really squeezes my heart that Mary Ann has developed an entire product line around my little squirrel. 💛

I was laughing the whole time I created this though - since lately a lot of things seem broken - the flame stencil was the perfect grounding for the parachuting squirrel and the sentiment is hilarious.

This one is all ink blending and pencil.

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MaryAnn is donating 100% of the profits from one very special set on her site to charity. She is an avid RZR off-roader with her husband and a whole good friend community in California, and tragically, she lost a friend in this community very suddenly. She is dedicating a charity campaign to this community as a result. So if you're part of this community or would like to contribute, check that out here.  

Then go on and have a great week, would ya? :) Loveyameanitbye.

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