Friday, April 29, 2022

VIDEO: Layering Peony + Bee Facts + Giveaways

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Okay today really IS Friday. Like, I'm CERTAIN of it. So I'm bringing you happy mail for the weekend. Literally. Happy. Mail. 

I started with the daisy cover plate - you know I'm obsessed with these right now - and you are going to see a CRAZY awesome way to use these on Monday - so you will have to wait to see that. But I do have a video today on the stunning layering flower die I'm using, so I'm not all in on the torture yet!

After I ran the panel through with the daisy plate, I die cut it with the happy die twice - once from the panel and once plain. I layered them together and pieced them back in and then stamped and die cut the mail word. Why doesn't every sentiment set have dies? I love the way it looks. 

I die cut all the pieces of the flower and colored them with my OLO markers, and then glued them together. All the layers make it a really detailed, sturdy accent - you'll see in the video. Very fun to do.

Here's a quick video of it - and then I'll show you the card for Monday's video!

OMG I love this next card so much! The background is a secret until Monday, but I took this VERY queenly bee and stamped her on sparkly marker paper (you can see the sparkles in the photo) and colored her with OLOs. I added aurora borealis gems to her crown, and cut her with her matching dies. I used this wildflower die cut behind her. for the sentiment, I did the old MISTI shift! I stamped it first in yellow matching the background, and then shifted it and stamped it in black. I need to do this more often - I love the look.

See her little sparkles on her fabby cape? Such a cute image.

Now let's talk about BLUE BEES. 

Texas' native bees are solitary, blue bees. They are so pretty and tiny. My sister made me a bee house for them once - you drill holes in a log, and face the log southeast, and the bees will seal themselves into the little holes. When I see them on my flowers - they're hard to recognize as bees because they are so tiny. Here's a great article with photos and info on the little bee houses. 

So when I saw this amazing little stitching bee - SQUEE - I made him a Texas bee with blue felt!!! I made this one flat for a coaster, but I'm going to make the next one a plush with stuffing. I also think it would be SUPER cute as a lavender sachet. So stinking cute - and the spacing on the stitching holes makes it easy and quick! I added the eye with Honey Bee glue which works great on felt - most glues do!

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Today we are celebrating Honey Bee's 7th birthday - I remember their first birthday like it was yesterday - time flies! They have some fun giveaways for you, so be sure and leave me a comment, and head over to my Instagram for the full hop list, and good luck. Click the graphic below to see their full birthday themed release - it's awesome. I'll have more cards for you with this release in a few days as well as the video for the queen bee card above.


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  1. I enjoyed watching you create the peony card. The tone of your voice is so relaxing and made it so easy to watch you create. Many tips I will have fun trying out. Thank you so much Hugs and blessings

  2. Love the flower cuddling the bee.
    Great cards. thanks for sharing

  3. Sweet Sentiment paper is my favorite for alcohol marker coloring, love these cards and your little bee. Does OLO markers need to be stored a certain way?

  4. Love Honey Bee products and watching how easy they layer...beautiful results

  5. Beautiful card!
    Fun new release from Honey Bee!

  6. Love the peony layering flower. Using alcohol inks to color the petals is a fantastic idea!

  7. So cute! Love layering flowers and love bees! Happy 7th HB!


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