Wednesday, March 9, 2022

It's Green Season

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My head is just SPINNING that it's almost St. Patrick's Day, so this week I'm focusing on green in my cards. I'm not sure I made any SPD cards last year, so I'm determined not to miss out this year, even if it just means adding green. 

I'm also on a bit of a texture plate kick, as you can tell. I'll even have a new texture plate technique video Monday with the third version of background techniques. 

Today, I did one of my favorite MISTI techniques with this leafy background, using Aqua Sky, Honeysuckle and Buttercup. I just partially ink a stamp randomly in one color, removing any hard lines with my absorber, and then randomly ink in the next color and so on until the whole image is solid. The orange and green you see are just from the yellow pink and blue mixing! It's a great way to get secondary colors out of your ink line, because as you can see - the green is very different than Sprout, for example, and that nice plummy color you see doesn't exist in the ink line at all - very fun. 

After it was inked to my liking, I cut it with this fun, scallopy texture plate and then cut into it with the "you matter" dies. I cut a second set of those letters with white to elevate the stamped portion just a bit - and when I do this, the inner portions of the O, A and E, I don't double stack those, so they sit lower on the card. Then I just added the black enamel dots and put it on a black card for contrast.

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Now for the real green! Never in a million years will you guess what I used on my Gel Press for the background of this card! You'll have to wait for April's Gel Press video to find out!

I put the magnolia die cut on top of that and stamped the sentiment - I don't know that I've ever seen this sentiment before - so cute - in the center for a quick & easy card. Do you find that the same sentiments get used over and over? Even the punny ones? It's so refreshing to see something new and different in the greeting department! I dotted white gloss dots around the background because I always feel like I need dots!

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I'm trying a new recipe today! I'll let you know how it is but it looks SUPER fun - a crispy chicken sheet pan dish with roasted brussels sprouts. Did you know that the PictSweet brand of frozen, halved sprouts are all grown on US farms? I got another brand not too long ago that were from China. I do not trust a vegetable that was transported that far and sprayed with God knows what before getting on a month long boat ride. So I was happy to see the PictSweet label! This is true for their entire line - you can see the deets here

Aside from that, I'll just be freezing to death this week in the new, cold Texas. What about you?



  1. Great cards! I already sent my St Patrick’s cards out. I love the way you did the first card. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great cards! I especially love the first one! Thanks for sharing!


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