Thursday, March 31, 2022

Sending Hugs & Blessings

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I am so, so happy to be past any risk of a freeze, I can't even express it! Finally, warm, sunny days. Makes me want to go lay out in the sunshine with a great book. 

Some of my favorite reading sessions took place outside. I read 100 Days of Solitude on a beach in Santa Barbara. I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle out in my backyard one summer. Something about hearing the birds and feeling the sun make reading infinitely better.

Now, I listen to my books instead of using paper - I put my phone in my back pocket and go about watering the plants, weeding, whatever I'm doing. I love it. 

This week some crazy stuff happened in our yard. Our red wasps went completely insane for two days. COVERED our porch and my neighbor's bush that's by our trash can. It was bizarre - thousands of them buzzing around. And then - poof - they were gone. I haven't seen that much activity from wasps in the 30+ years I've lived here. Those cycles are so strange.

So I had to build in some flowers today, so I chose these two sweet girls holding flowers for my card. I used this border set - it looks like a modern cityscape to me. 

I made this card for a Support Ukraine hop for the Stamping Village today - so you will have lots of inspiration to look through today. I colored everything simply with alcohol markers and added dots of white gel pen. I think these little girls are so sweet. The sentiment is from this set.

My sweet friend Yana is on my mind 24/7. I can't imagine having to run to a bomb shelter multiple times a day. It's just all so horrifying. You can follow her and see her latest update here

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  1. I really like the clean graphic lines and the white open space on your card; it makes such an impact. Thanks for supporting Ukraine with this hop.

  2. Wonderful paper piecing. As far as book reading I prefer to read an actual book holding thed nook & turning pages as opposed to audio or reading on tablet.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  3. You made such an adorable card. May peace come to those in the Ukraine. tyfs :)

  4. I love your card, Lydia! So cute!

  5. This is such a lovely card. So very happy to know about this and be able to participate. Love how the crafting community has gathered round!

  6. Your card is sweet and perfect for the Hop, with its blue and yellow, and cute little flowers. I couldn’t agree with you more about reading outdoors. It’s magical.

  7. Love the card you created! The girls are just adorable in their blue and yellow dresses!

  8. Such sweet girls! I love the dotted dresses and the order in the background looks fantastic.

  9. Sweet card of friendship. Some getting snow here after temperatures in high 60s last week

  10. Hi,
    Thanks for doing this hop. I also think about Yana many times per day. I worry terribly for her and her family's safety. I forgot to ask: where are you that you're beyond the cold of a frost? Here in PA, the cutoff is usually Mother's Day........
    Lori S in PA
    Love your card!

  11. Adorable card!! The temp here in Northern Kentucky was 77 degrees yesterday, and then a storm moved in and now it's 47!!

  12. Wonderful creation for such a great cause xoxo

  13. Awesome creation and a wonderful cause to benefit!

  14. What a sweet, beautiful card Lydia.

  15. Beautiful card Lydia, thanks for supporting this great cause.

  16. Very clean and simple, love it.


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