Tuesday, October 12, 2021

EXCITING NEWS: All-in-one TE Gel Press Project Kit!

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I'm super duper excited today to tell you about something that has been in the works for a long time!

An all in one gel printing kit! I selected all the items in the kit, and it comes with literally EVERYTHING you need to start gel printing! I'm so super excited I can hardly stand it. 

The kit contains my very favorite printmaking paper (refills available), paint, a brayer, a Gel Press and a storage tin! And if you buy the kit, you will get a link to a private overview video by me!

This is a sneak peek of one of the prints in the video, and the great thing - well, actually - ONE of the great things about gel printing is all the color it brings to your card, so I left my grumpling focal image black and white! If you are not a colorist, then let a monoprint do the work for you!

The entire time I've been teaching gel printing, this has been the one thing missing from the industry - and the question I get over and over again - what all do I need to get started? NOW WE HAVE IT. I am absolutely stoked about it. And as you'll see in the kit video you get when you purchase the kit - I'm crazy stoked about one particular aspect of it that most people would think I was crazy for. It's okay - I'm used to it. :)

What a huge honor to team up on this kit with my sweet friend Taylor. Everything she does is stellar, and this is no exception.

TE Project Kit - Gel Press
[ TE ]
Big Grumpy Stamp & Die Combo
[ TE ]
Wild Willow Stencil
[ TE ]
Trendy Triangles Stencil
[ TE ]
Make a Dash Stencil
[ TE ]
Honeycomb Stencil
[ TE ]
Gel Press Paper
[ TE ]

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