Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Embedded Die Cutting with NO Piecing + Scary Stories x 2

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It never stops being the case that accidents and mishaps create new techniques in art. I had just such an accident while trying out the new stencil mat for a blog hop.

The mat is very grippy, so your card won't slip around while you are ink blending. Between that and Pixie Spray, I feel like stenciling is pretty much as perfect as it's going to get. 

I used the circular Jack-o-Lantern stencil and Distress Oxides for the ink blending - look at how the little ones are grumpy and the big ones are smiling - ha!

But I was doing all this on one of my pre-cut and scored slimline cards and I was going to do the eclipse technique, with black cardstock underneath. But I forgot that my mini-slim cards were much thicker cardstock than my panels, so when I went to die cut the Happy Halloween die, I saw that the pieces all stayed in there! They were cut all the way through, but because of the thicker cardstock, it didn't all immediately fall out - and I liked it! So I just glued a piece of cardstock inside the card front to make sure they stayed put - and there you go! 

Since it's another Halloween card for me - this is a record year! - I thought I'd share my two favorite spooky podcasts with you below!

Mini Stencil Mat
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Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink Pad...
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Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink Pad...
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Almond & Cashew 2-Pack – JOI
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Okay - I have some sad news and some happy news on the non-dairy milk front. I was SO excited about Chobani Oat Extra Creamy - it froths like milk for espresso, I could cook with it as a substitute for half and half and it was the ONLY non-dairy milk that had the right mouth feel of a dairy product. 

But it makes me sick. For a few weeks I thought maybe I was getting sneak dairy in something. I don't eat very many pre-made foods at ALL - just the occasional marinara sauce or something like plain potato chips, but sometimes I will buy something like frozen bread dough or other things I know don't contain dairy or are labeled not to contain dairy - but sometimes cross-contamination will happen and it will make me sick. But I was getting sick just eating my regular homemade food, so I had a sneaking suspicion it was the oat milk, so I did an elimination test, and dad gum it if I wasn't right! GRR. Back to square one! I love MALK, which is just almonds, water and salt - but it's SO thin - it's like non-fat milk and just not good in coffee. It's better for cereal or in overnight oats.

I remembered a pandemic buy I made, and dug around in the pantry and found these cashew and almond bases. It's a creamy base that you add water to to make your own dairy-free milk, and you can make it as creamy or as light as you want by varying the water. So into the Vitamix it went! And HOLY COW is it awesome! It's a single ingredient, which is super important to me - the oat milk has a bunch of extra gunk in it, which I'm sure is what the problem is for me - this is literally just cashews. Like a nut butter, it can be stored in the pantry which is nice. So I thought I would share that for my dairy-allergic peeps! I can't wait to find out what cooking with it is like.

The best news? It's $2.71 per quart! MALK is $6.99 for 32 ounces - so you're paying for mostly water there. Chobani Oat Extra Creamy is $4.59 for 52 oz. so it's closer to the same price, but full of fillers, one of which is making me ill.

So - on to scary stories! If you loved Serial and the sound of Rabia's voice, you'll love her new podcast - Nighty Night. And my original spooky podcast, also by a woman with a mesmerizing and calming voice is called Scary Stories (there are several with that name, so be sure you're picking the right one) - and it's incredible - it's like a mix of psychology and folk lore - she's wonderful. I like to listen to it when I'm folding laundry etc. because it's so immersive - more than a few times, I've gotten chills and stopped in my tracks!

Have you tried that chicken recipe I shared? You need to.

Have a great Wednesday! Loveyameanitbye. 

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  1. Oh my gosh. That voice on Scary Stories. Truly mesmerizing. Thanks for the suggestions.


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