Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Here's the thing about that Mars landing...

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Here's the thing about that storm, and about that Mars landing.

For the last year, our home is what kept us alive. It kept us safe - we were able to work and cook and bathe and do normal things while the storm raged around us in the form of a pandemic. Our homes became classrooms, offices, restaurants, and entertainment venues. They replaced the outside world for us.

That was is stressful enough. 

But then to realize that that same home in an instant was going to possibly kill you, freeze you to death, be destroyed with you in it by freezing pipes bursting, or a fire caused by a water heater that no longer has water, or a fire caused by a gas main rupture, and all the fire hydrants are frozen or have no water - that was too much after the last year. 

When the water stopped running and the power shut off, and the roads were impassable - your only options are to wait, filthy and cold, to see if you survived. That's all there was. There was no help. There was no escape. It was so cold inside we had a hard time melting our snow to flush our toilets with. It was gross, uncomfortable, and demoralizing, not to mention rage-inducing when you know the reasons it all happened. 

So you are going to have to pardon some of us who are not super excited about the Mars landing right now. That was happening while we wanted the most basic things for the longest 6 days in Texas history, like water, flushing toilets and power. There was a man who kept his wife alive with a car battery, and he, too, knows he's still luckier than most. I had this conversation with a friend today. We'll be excited later. But like any event that takes all of your adrenaline when you were already worn out by the last year - we are tired. And food and water is still hard to come by for us, and our water still isn't safe to drink. 

Luckily I have plenty of both of those - but most do not, and our shelves are bare here. So someday, I'll care about brilliant technological feats, but that day is not today. 

I'm staring at dead plants in my yard that I've cared for for 18 years. 

So I'm going to hope that there are signs of life out there soon, and bring you a card I made when everything was still alive. 

I used this stunning lotus stamp, stamped it in Fadeout Ink and then watercolored with Daniel Smith. The background, which I LOVED making, and made many sheets of, is a mixture of Art Print Brown and Dandelion Liquid Watercolor, which makes the most PERFECT Sepia. On top of that, I used this background stamp in Unicorn. I stamped that same background stamp in black for the piece I cut with my circle infinity dies to frame the flower. Such a fun and relaxing card to make. 

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  1. I loved that man’s grace / to remain grateful for what he has under those circumstances and to focus on going forward and fixing for the future - really an inspiration

  2. This reminds me of post Sandy when we had the same thing for 5 days. It is not fun at all. Except we had a warning it was coming so I stockpiled a ton of water in plastic storage bins for the toilet and my DH yet again understood why I always have 3 flats of water bottles in the house. (My building likes to pull emergency no notice shut downs). Even so we were running very low. People were putting plastic bags over the toilet. I will say no more.

    But we were not freezing. That makes a huge huge difference.

    The car battery story is incredible.

    The card is very pretty. I like the sepia you made.

  3. I fully understand your feelings with the Mars Rover.

    With that said, a little inspiration, no matter where it comes from, to me, is a good thing. You'll get there. With everything that has happened in the last year, we grab onto hope wherever it comes from.

    I follow your blog for tidbits of creative inspiration. But, I keep reading for your outlook in life. I enjoy your stories and recipes.

    To still produce art in these times has helped me with dealing with events of daily life. Your projects give me ideas,techniques, and ways to continue creating art.

    So, stay safe and healthy. Continue on with sharing. I'll be following. Thanks

  4. Thank you for the beauty that you share with your craft. I am so sorry for what those in the south have had to endure and appreciate the human face that you put to the situation, that the news reports do not convey.

  5. Yes, yes and YES! I feel your pain, freezing and frustration and "who cares about it" up here in Arlington TX too! P.S.: Your card and watercoloring is beautiful! Hugs!

  6. I hear you. I get it. I’ve been thinking of you and others I know in TX. Sending caring thoughts. Your card: It’s a beauty!

  7. Are any delivery trucks, UPS, Postal, etc. able to get to you??? Can I send anything to you...

  8. So heart wrenching to read about your experience here. We can't possibly imagine how tough and devastating it was in ways big and small. Your stamping community is so grateful for you and all the joy and creativity you share with us. I hope you "feel" our love reaching out to you.


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