Monday, February 22, 2021

Bunny Festival + Exclusive Voucher

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After the last six days, no one wants to see spring as much as I do, trust me. More on that later. So I HECKING enjoyed making cards this weekend when I had both power and water starting late Sunday, and beautiful little bunnies from a new illustrator from Russia.

This is kind of an unusual release, because along with the adorable bunny-themed stamps and dies, they have a limited time ephemera pack that has some of the images that match the stamps, that just makes me squee a lot! I love ephemera, and use it daily in my art journal. But ephemera that matches stamps? Yeah, baby! It matched the images in this set, but the ephemera images are smaller. 

So for this first card, I used their grungy brick stencil and this gorgeous pale pink Paper Glaze to create a city background for my zoomie little bunny. Then I used one of these OMG THANK GOD THEY SELL PRE-CUT SENTIMENT STRIPS blank sentiment strip and the sentiment from this set for a super duper quick  and fun card. For $3, those strips save me a lot of aggravation! 

Now for the second card - I'll have a video later that will show you how I used the same stencil on the Gel Press to create this grungy background - it's so quick and easy and I'm a wee bit addicted. But the foreground was so fun. I used this stamp and the coordinating dies with cold press watercolor paper and Fadeout Ink. I love that it can be used for St. Patrick's Day, but also for all-year friendship cards. Then I used Daniel Smith watercolor with just five pigments from the Lydia split in my split group to paint the bunny. To create the shadow, I flipped the negative space from where I cut the image out of watercolor paper upside down, and lightly traced it with a pencil. Then I used a Graphit Marker to fill it in before gluing the bunny down. (Coupon code for these in the footer.) The sentiment is from the same set.

Finally - a very simply colored and adorable image - to me, it looked like he was laying in the grass, so I colored it accordingly with Graphit Markers, using the teeny fine point to get in the tight spots, and going around the edge with the brush end to create a subtle frame. So adorable. 

This is such an amazing debut for this illustrator. I love that hardworking artists can find a new home in the craft industry, and I hope she's wildly successful. Most of all, I love that Mary Ann found such a fantastic artist to match her brand. What a win. Just so you know - she's a person who checks on her neighbors - filling up their generators for them if they are unable to. Since literally the only thing we Texans had this week was our neighbors and HEB to count on, I hold that trait very dear. So know that about her when you buy her stamps. It matters.

She also has two really pretty 6x6 paper packs out today and lots more bunny stamps! Very springy!

Also - all orders over $50 will get the limited edition ephemera pack free - no need to add it to your cart, while supplies last! They will also be randomly giving away another $25 voucher to commenters on their blog.

Here are all the supplies I used today!

Stamps – The Rabbit Hole Designs
[ THR ]
Limited Edition Ephemera
[ THR ]
Spring Delivery
[ THR ]
Spring Delivery Dies
[ THR ]
Clover Bunny
[ THR ]
Bunny Bouquet
[ THR ]
Back Alley - 6x6 Stencil – The Rabbit...
[ THR ]
Paper Glaze - Pink Carnation – Picket...
[ PFS ]
Sentiment Strips
[ BMR ]
Graphit — Marker Universe
[ MRK ]
Spring Floral 1
[ THR ]
Spring Floral 2
[ THR ]
My Sweet Petunia
[ MSP ]
Pre-Cut & Scored Cardstock
[ CTC ]
Fadeout No Line coloring Detail Ink
[ INK ]
Art Anthology BIG CRAFT MAT 24x36 311473
[ SSS ]
Rotatrim Professional Series Cutter -...
[ BLIC ]
LightView 2in1 LED Magnifier for...
[ BRG ]
Teflon Bone Folder - Ellen Hutson LLC
[ ELH | SSS ]
Crafter's Companion GEMINI...
[ SSS ]
Scor-Pal MINI SCOR-BUDDY Scoring...
[ SSS ]
Storage Envelopes, Medium 25pk,...
[ ELH ]
CheckOutStore Stamp & Die Clear...
[ CHC ]
Extra Large -50 pk, Avery Elle Stamp...
[ ELH ]
Mermaid tidy towel case and glue...
[ ETS ]
Lawn Fawn STAMP SHAMMY Cleaner LF1045
[ SSS | CST ]
Airtable: Organize your stamps & dies
[ ART ]

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10% off the whole store at A Colorful Life Designs - LydiaFan10
5% off at LBC here with code LYDIA5
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  1. Adorable cards! I just love that bunny lying in the grass! The papers look really pretty too!

  2. The bunnies are so cute! The backgrounds on the cards are perfect for the cards!

  3. Adorable bunnies 💙 beautiful cards 💙

  4. Awesome backgrounds and awesome cards.

  5. This release is so good... Tatsiana is a major talent, for sure. Love these bunnies and especially love that scooter. A new suggestion for St. Patricks is always appreciated. Nicely done and I am so glad your safe and with power!

  6. These are adorable! What a fun release! So glad you came through you extreme winter weather. Thanks fir sharing! Stay safe and well.

  7. Your cards are beautiful! Love the backgrounds you created. They make the bunnies stand out so much more.

  8. Cute cards. I love the one of the bunny on the scooter.

  9. Your stenciled bricks really make both of your cards. My favorite though is the Bunny Bouquet. I am so in love with your grassy idea. It really made the images pop.

  10. I love these cards you created! The bunnies are so cute. So glad you have power and water back!!

  11. Glad you are back to creating with power and water (and I KNOW you are glad too). :) I loved your pretty cards with the new Rabbit Holes Designs releases. I especially loved the
    one with the green brick stenciled background!!!! TOO cute! Thanks for making my COLD February day more fun! :)

  12. Very nice cards. Very creative backgrounds on these cards. Thank you.

  13. I love that brick background! Your bunny cards are awesome!

  14. Such cute designs! Love this release

  15. I like the papers that Rabbit Hole Designs came out with. I especially like the blue flowers. And the stenciled brick wall on 2 of your cards---great idea!!! I really like it with the scooter.

  16. Sweet cards with these darling bunnies! I love the way you colored the Clover Bunny!

  17. Love these cards and the colors. Thank you so much for hopping along and using your talent to support our newest release.

  18. Your cards are amazing! I just adore those sweet little rabbit images!! So much fun!! Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration! Stay safe!

  19. Great cards. Love the shades
    of green bricks in the St Patrick's
    Day card. He gets short-shift as a
    holiday. thanks for sharing

  20. Great backgrounds on the first two cards. And all three are cute! Love the bunny sets as well as the new papers.

  21. What a bunch of Sweet Cards--great colors! and--that pink brick wall is so sweet! Thanks for sharing and the opportunity to win such a great prize!

  22. Cute cards! I love the brick backgrounds! I'm glad you survived the storms!

  23. Wonderful cards!
    thanks for sharing.


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