Friday, June 19, 2020

Critter Crowd + Hope for Insomnia

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Happy Friday! And for whoever needs to hear this - IT IS FRIDAY! 

I have some fun things for you today, starting with some critter stories.

There's a constant struggle in my yard between songbirds and squirrels. I want to feed the birds, but the squirrels are such piglets they take over the feeders - yes, even the squirrel "proof" feeders.

I did find a halfway solution with Bark Butter. It comes in a paste or nuggets. I put the nuggets with a tiny amount of seed in the feeder and spread the paste on the bark of my oak tree. I use the hot pepper version - it has capsaicin in it, so the squirrels won't touch it - my songbirds love it. But the tiny amount of seed (some of the smaller birds will only eat seed, not the butter) leads to squirrel shenanigans. Yesterday two young squirrels - clearly siblings - sat in the tiny dish eating the seed while pushing each other with all their strength with their little faces. It was hilarious. 

I love all the critters, so the squirrels don't bother me. So I'm bringing you an all the critters slimline card today. I do my slimline cards so they are 9.25" x 3.75" when closed, so that's the format of today's card.

I took this background stamp - which is only 4x4, but seamlessly and endlessly repeats in all four directions - so you can make it any size you want - I chose a vertical repeat - and stamped it twice to get the long panel. Then I selectively colored a few of them with Copics - SQUEE - IT HAS A HORNY TOAD IN IT - and coated the colored ones with clear glaze - so the white spots you see are the reflections from the light in my photo tent. 

SO CUTE. Imagine repeating it horizontally for a landscape slimline card, or stamping it all over a gift bag! It's super easy to line up as you'll see in the video below. The sentiment is from this set.

But before the video, a few exciting things.

I turned them into large zipper bags to keep new stamps in that I haven't worked with yet. I have a million zipper bags, but none with my own prints on them! I'm SO excited about this! I ordered a sample and the quality is amazing. The color is just as vibrant as the original prints - I love seeing it on my desk. If you want to see the other three I have up there now, you can do so here. I love that they capture a moment in time in my yard, especially in this crazy year. 

Okay - speaking of this crazy year - a lot of people are having trouble sleeping. I have a unique sleep issue - I can fall asleep easily - as a matter of fact, it's why I listen to audiobooks - if I stop moving long enough to read a book, I'll fall asleep and break my face with a falling book. But once I hit five hours of sleep at 3 AM - if I wake up, I cannot go back to sleep to save my life. So from 3 to six I just sit there and worry about all the things I forgot to do, or some imaginary ridiculous scenario like murder hornets. 

My sister found this magnesium powder that she said made her sleep like a rock. I had long heard that magnesium helped people with RLS and other things, so I though what the heck - I'll try it. She said to take 1/8 tsp in a glass of water at bedtime, so I did. AND I SLEPT TILL 7 AM. And I have not woken up in the middle of the night since I started using it. Just that teeny tiny amount. Amazing. We use the unflavored one - but there are flavored ones as well.  

I got my order of pre-cut card bases, fronts and stamp pocket liners last week, so I've been filling up stamp pockets while we watch TV. We are doing a trial of BritBox and have found a few new good British shows, like Scott & Bailey and A Confession. We also love Happy Valley and The Missing. And if you haven't seen The Detectorists, please do. So good.

What are you up to this weekend? I'm hoping to get some things mailed out and start thinking about a virtual retreat, since it doesn't look like anything will be normal any time soon.

Here's the video for today's card and all the supplies - enjoy!

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  1. Oh my gosh you have a PIFSerial Killers T in pink! So many things to love in your shop!

  2. It's good to know that I have company
    when I'm lying in bed at 3 or 4 a.m.
    and solving the problems of the world.
    I once stitched a sampler that said
    "Worrying really works because 90%
    of the things I worry about never
    happen". Have to try your powder.
    thanks. Happy sleeping

  3. I started watching Scott & Bailey a couple of weeks ago, I really like it. I do have to wear headphones to cut out all background noise so I can understand what they're saying. Love the zipper bags!, and your card is adorable!


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