Monday, January 13, 2020

Oh Hey Oh Hi Hello There + Mini Retreat Signup!

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Sometimes, it's hard to get songs you know SO well out of your head. Certain combinations of words - wait for it - like BABY SHARK (sorry, I had to) - just set off this unconscious compulsive singing in your head. It can't be helped. I just proved it, and now you're super mad at me.

But like all great art, it needs to make you uncomfortable to truly appreciate the wonders of the maddeningly singable songs like Baby Shark.

Never fear - I'm about to replace it in your lizard brain. That is, if you're a fan of any other crazy kid-themed songs.

When I saw this Hey Girl die, INSTANTLY in my head when I read it, I was singing "Oh Hey Oh Hi Hello" from this fun Ohio-themed kid song - it just cracks me up. It's a very special talent coming up with these songs. The out of tune section of this song is hilarious. So to all my Ohio friends - OH HEY - (OH) HI HELLO. :)

To start this card, I used the new Lovely Lattice Turnabout. I have a tip for you on Turnabouts too.

When I'm first lining my Turnabout up on the clear template, I first get the stamp wet with my Stamp Shammy. Just barely damp. What this does, is de-stickifies the stamp just enough to make it SUPER easy to get it perfectly aligned on the template before picking it up with the lid of the MISTI and starting to stamp. If you've ever struggled with a stamp sticking in just the wrong place right when you think it aligned, you can send me a million dollars now because I've solved that problem! It really works like a charm, I promise.

So I did three turns of the Lovely Lattice stamping it in Loud Lime, and the fourth turn in Nocturne. Human beings are incapable of randomness, but when I stamp the turnabout this way, this extremely regular pattern LOOKS random enough to quiet our orderly brains!

Then I cut a circle of Key Lime Cardstock and black cardstock with my Circle Infinity Dies. I positioned the Hey Girl die on that circle, and cut it out of the lime piece. I glued that to black circle. Then I cut a second greeting from the same color as my card base - Passionate Pink and used that for the heart, just paper piecing it in there.

Fun, right? So bright and happy. I love how cleanly they design their products. I'm guesting with them all month, so I have some fun stuff coming each Friday this month. Stay tuned below for some amazing retreat news!

Okay - ready for some fun news?

I was going to try to have an UNWIND retreat in Florida this year - two actually - but it's too hard to pull off everything I do in Texas in another state, so I have a new idea you're going to love.

I have one on my schedule and I'm working on the second!

My sweet friend Kathy Racoosin helped me secure a beautiful venue in a Florida key (gulf side) for a mixed media background techniques mini retreat.

This event will take place May 15th & 16th. You can purchase one or both days of classes (different classes each day) and each day includes four techniques, lunch and happy hour. My retreats are intentionally slow-paced, with a technique class followed by 90 minutes of experimentation with the technique by all the students. You can expect a relaxing, unplugged retreat from life over these two days, as well as a few familiar beloved faces from the crafting world!

I will provide lunch each day as well as a post class happy hour (I'm quite serious about UNWINDing).

The resort is stunning - just steps from the beach, and features individual 2 and 3 bedroom units with kitchens and a family room you can share with friends. Lodging is not included in the price, but the resort will be offering my attendees a discount before, during and after the event. Lodging details will be sent once the retreat spots are filled for both days, but here are some sneak peeks!

I hope you can join me in beautiful, sunny Florida this spring! If you are interested, please join the waitlist here! I will notify each waitlist attendee when the list fills for payment!

Once paid, retreat fees are non-refundable, but if you are unable to attend after purchasing a ticket, I'll match you with a waitlist signup who would like a spot so that you can sell/transfer your registration to the next person in line!

See you on the beach!



  1. As always, your blog never disappoints! Wish I could go to your retreat but that’s right in the deep of testing at my school. Looks fantastic!!

  2. Love your card!!! The retreat sounds amazing but unfortunately I won’t be able to make it.

  3. I love Turnabouts! These colors look amazing together!


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